(This prayer is very effective in examinations, as you read your books diligently. It has to be said before, during and after the examination)

1.            I receive the diligent spirit of a distinction candidate to read well in preparation for the forthcoming exam in Jesus name.

2.            I receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit to focus well on areas relevant to the forthcoming exam in Jesus name.

3.            I receive the strength of the Lord to be strong during the exam in Jesus name.

4.            Evil news that hinders concentration will not be my portion in Jesus name.

5.            I resist every temptation to cheat in the course of this examination in Jesus name.

6.            Lord Jesus save me from every trouble that may disturb me writing this exams in peace.

7.            The Holy Spirit will give me retentive memory and help me to recall all I have been taught and all I have read in Jesus name

8.            My script, my name and my exam number will be policed by God’s guiding angels against wrong handling by exam officers in Jesus name.

9.            The result of this exam will be so outstanding and worthy of celebration and awards