Scripture reading: Isa 62:1

Beloved, welcome to this blessed day and thank God for the grace that is sustaining us as we progress into the third week of our 21days of fasting/prayer programme. There is a set time for miracles, a set time for deliverance and a set time for the Lord God to turn your shame into fame. Hear this! “When heaven remembers you, no power can keep holding you down!” Our scriptural text today says, “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent.” Beloved for the fact that you are part of this fasting program, God cannot be silent; because heaven is being provoked by your prayers.

Share this testimony with me: A brother going to a prayer mountain, got to Ore, a town in the south-west of Nigeria and met a serious hold-up. He decided to pull out of the holdup after spending two hours on one spot on queue. In the cause of resting, he slept off, woke up at 2am for the program which started at 12am. As he was about to start his car, a vehicle parked in front of him. As he watched, a man came out of the vehicle, pulled out a goat from the boot and decreed the following on the goat: “John! I call your spirit out from your sleep into this goat, as this goat wonders about you will become a wanderer; everything you lay your hands on from now will not prosper.” After all that he said, he let the goat loose to wonder away. He entered his car and zoomed off. Meanwhile the brother was still inside his car watching everything as it unfolded. Knowing the evil that the man had done on John, this man came out and pursued the goat. Though everywhere was dark but he was able to get hold of the goat and said the following words: “John! I don’t know you before! But now I command your spirit out of this goat, you will not be a wanderer and anything you lay your hand upon you will prosper in the mighty name of Jesus. He released the goat entered his car and continued his journey. God can never be silent when the enemy is oppressing us. Like he did for John he would do for us.

Prayer points:

1.   Take a worship song in praise of God.

2.   Thank God for the battles he is fighting on your behalf and for your loved ones.

3. Pray for the manifestation of his miraculous powers during this program and the rounding off activities.

Exercise:  Have you sown your seed of N1,050.

Memory Verse: John 2:3