Scripture reading:Colossians 1:13

Often times, believers keep wondering, I have been baptized, confirmed and receives Holy Communion, yet I am still having some challenges that call for exorcism. The truth is that as we walk through life, we encounter different challenges in life that if not properly managed we may run into the danger of bringing back the dominance of Satan. A Christian writer wrote, “The prince of evil contests every inch of ground over which God’s people advance in their journey toward the heavenly city.” Though we have received all the sacraments and in communion with the Lord, we do not actively live the lives which manifest the graces inherent in these sacraments. This means that in spite of these great activities of salvation, we still engage in activities which give Satan legal right over our lives. Why is it so? Fr. Greg Uzegbu exposes some of the reasons thus, “True indeed, all who go to church are not Christians. True also that some highly placed Christians have Jesus Christ in their mouth; “amadioha” in their legs; cult groups in their heart; Spiritism in their belly; necromancy and ancestors in their eyes; corruption in politics, kidnapping, robbery, oppression in their hands; doubt and agnosticism in their brain; raw culture in their blood.”

So today, the Lord challenges us to a serious spiritual sanitation. What is that thing that you think is your refuge and protector? What is that stuff hanging in your business premises, you think helps you prosper in your business? What is that spiritual activity that keeps demanding you to make one sacrifice or the other? Where have sicknesses and challenges of life taken you? Which men of God have you used to replace Jesus Christ in your life and home. A brother facing serious life challenges went to a purported man of God for prayers and the so called man of God asked him to go and remove the Cross of Jesus in his home as it was is the reason for his calamity. A sister was told that before the problem facing her home can be solved, she must allow some sacrifices to be done in their compound. These are all the voices of Satan begging to dominate our lives. St. Thomas More says, “The devil is ready to put out men’s eyes that are content willing to wax blind.”We must say NO! to all these.

MASS: VIOLETIs 11: 1-10;Ps 72: 1-2. 7-8. 12-13. 17;Lk 10: 21-24ST. SABAS;1STWEEKDAY OF ADVENT

Prayer Points:

1. I hereby renounce every covenant I have entered into knowingly and unknowingly, those done on my behalf by my parents and ancestors. Dear Lord destroy every dominion of Satan around my vicinity. I belong to JESUS. Jesus only we I serve and worship. (Seven times)

2. Take the prayers: “Renunciation of Satan and claiming the full victory and Removing Demonic Influence pgs. 68, 69 in Amen: It Is Done.

Exercise: Take the Prayers of the Blood of Jesus and the Prayer Against the Forces of Darkness in DSD at midnight.

Meditation:Deuteronomy 4:7