16 OCTOBER 2020



Scripture Reading: Luke 11 :15

Let us begin today’s reflection with the words of the Teacher “Those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness?” — Ecclesiastes 5:10.

As an old man, Solomon gives us a roadmap to life principles that lead to peace, prosperity, and true satisfaction. Being a man of earthly wealth and power, he attempts to keep us from being misled in our thinking about money. He calls it meaningless to think that money will ever bring true happiness. If we listen to Solomon’s advice, we can be saved from heartache and trouble, regret, stress, debt, and roads to false idols. He is saying here, earthly goods or wealth will never bring satisfaction to our souls. Greed is a liar. It tells us to hold on to everything we have.

The generous freely and willingly shares to support others. The greedy hold unto what he has without sharing. If he shares out all, it is reluctantly or grudgingly or as a calculated investment not really as charity. We have all been freely blessed in areas of our lives that we can give back to bless others, whether it be through our time, resources, money, or gift. What act could you do in your personal life that you see as a way to grow in being generous and mindful of the needs around you? Who in your life would benefit and be blessed by your acts of generosity today?

Today. no matter where you find yourself cultivate a life of generosity, I pray we all re-evaluate and ask God how we can grow more in generosity. Ask the Lord daily what needs He has put around you that you can help to meet, whether it be through money, your time, or your gifts.

Prayer Points:

1. Forgive us, Lord, and teach us to loosen our grip. Teach us to give freely, remembering that all we have comes from You.

2. Father. increase in us the joy of giving. Help us to know that a giving heart glorifies you.

3. Dear God, increase our storehouses so that we can continue to give increasing amounts in support to the Church, to the poor, to DSD in the Name of Jesus the Lord

4. Pray for DSD Charity mission, so that we can meet the ever- increasing demand for help.

5. Pray for all DSD financial partners that the good Lord will con- tinue to increase their coasts, bless them with excellent health and protect them from the powers of evil.

Exercise: There is always a way to give, look around you there is someone to help. REMEMBER TO CONTINUE PRAYING THE ROSARY OF MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP IN DSD SECTION Afrom 11th -31st Oct.

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