Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 2:1

When the reality of ourselves is covered by the shadow of pretense, we become hypocrites – fake and unreal people. It looks just amazing how most of us put up a lot of effort trying so to become what we are not. Many a time some people even speak words that do not come from the heart or do some things that they do not mean just to show the world around that they are good people. This is definitely not what God wants from us. Such is a lifestyle that is not motivated by truth. This manner of life is evident in our places of work, in school, the market place and even in churches. This pretense may be put up to project what we are not. It can also be an effort to seek a sense of belonging with a group we consider to be in charge.

This is a fake type of life and should not be the lifestyle of a Christian. All through Jesus’ teachings on earth, He cantered on the issue of hypocrisy. Why? God hates it! Hypocrisy provokes God’s anger against His people. But, shall we continue to provoke our Holy God? Shall we persist in trying to call down His wrath? Certainly, the answer is no! Hypocrisy has different dimensions or operations and whichever way it comes, as far as it revolves around insincerity, God passionately abhors it.

Our generation is greatly deepened in this, and hence, God is telling us that we must get rid of all hypocrisy. Not some hypocrisy, but all! And for this to be achieved, we have to be ready to truly make up our minds to totally follow God. As a matter of fact, many Christians are hypocrites because, they have not fully given their whole heart to God. Certain things are still struggling for their hearts against the will of God. In the Body of Christ today, we find believers who say they love God, but still take delight in obvious wrongdoings.

These believers have not totally surrendered their hearts to God. St. John Chrysostom concludes thus: “There is nothing which so much aids to keep the soul in tranquillity and calm as meekness and modesty” To be continued tomorrow!

MASS: WHITE Rom 9:1-5; Ps 147:12-13.14-15. 19-20 (R.12a); Accl Jn 10:27; Lk 14:1-6 ST. MARTIN DE PORRES, (MEMORIAL)

Prayers points:

  1. O Lord God, let the transforming power of your word turn my heart totally to you.
  2. I confess every former act of hypocrisy and I repent of them all.
  3. I promise to live by the grace of God, according to the truth I have found in your word.
  4. Uproot from my heart every seed of self-righteousness and lead me by your redeeming grace until Christ be formed in me.
  5. Deliver me from every appetite that opposes my truthful and spiritual life. Amen

Exercise: Ask God for forgiveness for the many times you have tried to please man instead of pleasing God.

Meditation: 1 Samuel 16:7