Scripture Reading: Songs of Solomon 2:15
Before we can ever resist the devil and cause him to flee, we are told to surrender to God, and afterwards we are told to draw near to Him and He will draw near to us (James 4:7-8). This is where abiding in the Vine is so vital. Abiders are fertilized with divine revelation from the Vinedresser, arming them with the Word and the Spirit of God. There is no greater demonic pesticide than the Word and the Spirit of God. May His name be glorified! Halleluyah! There is none as powerful as our God. In His Word is victory. In the blood of Jesus is abundance and deliverance. The Spirit of God makes all things good and dispels the darkness in our hearts as soon as He makes entry into our hearts. All these are possible unto all that abide in the Lord. They emit the power and the audacity of God because they are His emissaries on earth. Beloved, foxes scurry away as worship, dancing and holy pursuit spilled over from those abiding in the vine. When Jesus was told by the Pharisees to leave a certain area because Herod was going to kill Him, Jesus responded, “Tell that fox, ‘Behold, I cast out devils and heal the sick today and tomorrow and the third day I finish my course.’” (Luke 13:32) Foxes destroy whatever is good and pleasing to God; that is why our Lord described Herod as a fox. Foxes could be dangerous but not on those who sincerely and tenaciously abide in the Lord. Deal with the foxes! Use godly wisdom and address those who oppose you. Make it known that regardless of threats and attacks, you will complete your course; you will continue to do the greater things which Jesus modelled and as one who abides in the Vine, you have access to the authority of God. Refuse to allow any demonic stronghold or bondage to steal your fruit. It is by having exactly the same spirit that was in Christ Jesus, and being possessed of the same mind and disposition that was in Him, that we can bear the same fruit as He bore. We cannot have this spirit by any imitation or effort, but only by receiving it fresh from Him every morning and all day through intense devotion to God and service to man.
MASS: VIOLET Is 1: 10. 16-20; Ps 50: 8-9. 16bc-17. 21. 23 (R.23bc); Accl Ezk 18:31; Mt 23:1-12
Prayer Point:
1. Let’s pray with Thomas a’ Kempis, “O Lord, I well know I am likely to offend you in temptations, and that because of my evil inclinations, I am in danger of losing my soul. But I also know that you can uphold me and help me resist my passions and the attacks of the devil. O my God, come to me, give me strength and encourage me! O Lord, I place my trust in you.”
Exercise: Pray for the success of our Lenten weekend retreat slated for 9th-11th March 2018
Meditation: John 4:13-14.