Scripture Reading: James 2:14-26

Share this story with me: “A Catholic Archbishop was in the habit of visiting and praying for the sick in hospitals and homes. On this faithful day, he visited one of the hospitals in the city where he lives in company of one of his Priests. As usual, he prayed for all the sick, heard confessions for those who were Catholics and are able to talk. As they went from bed to bed, a fairly old man was lying down with eyes closed, but managed to welcome the Archbishop and his companion to his bed side. As usual, they prayed for the men and left. On stepping out of the hospital, the Priest had a ministration that the last sick man needed more than just prayers. He would need some food or beverages, because he looked pale and very sick. The Archbishop simply agreed with his Priest who made a-u-tum to the sick man. He said to him, “Please take this money and buy some food or anything that you feel you can eat”. He handed over to the sick some money. The sick man replied, “Now God has heard you”. Beloved, all around, are families who cannot eat one full meal a day. In our hospitals are men and women who need your prayers and financial assistance. Around you are widows suffering under the heavy weight of paying school fees for their children. There are also many old men and women unable to put on decent clothes or eat good food, around you. Perhaps, you see them but have not taken note of their needs. There are so many children in the orphanage home and Leprosy centres wasting away because nobody to sponsor their education. Unless someone intervenes in the lives these children, their future may be worse than that of their parents.

St. Augustine has this to say, “O love, which always bums, and is never extinguished, true charity! My God, set we all on fire!” Do you know that praying for the sick is a holy act and commendable, but God requires that we share our material possessions with them also. St. Francis of Assisi says, “It is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we arc pardoned and it is in dying that we arc born into eternal life”. St. Rose Philippine Douchesne once said, “We cultivate a very small field for Christ, but we love it knowing that God does not require great achievements but a heart that hold back nothing for self. … He Jesus has everything”. In Matthew 19:21, Jesus Christ said, “If you wish to be perfect, go and sell all you have and give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heavens, then come and follow’ me.”Dear friend, successful and happy Christian life can only be consummated in your prayer life as well as the degree of your generosity. You should have the heart of Christ, which is compassionate and loving.

In our reflection of Thursday 16″‘ July 2015, we said that one of the ways God by which fortifies us is when we build walls of kindness around us. In Philippians 4:5 the scripture says, “Your kindness should be known by all”. We advised that believers should have very limited interest on themselves. Show more concern about the dignity and welfare of others. When you do this, God fortifies you and make you diligent in this world. In Matthew 25:39 – 40, and 46b Jesus says to us what the end of those who care shall be. He says, “I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me “ Extend your surpluses, leftovers or excesses to the poor around you. Organize two or three or more Users of Daily Strength into a charity group( Daily Strength Charity Group). Once in a month or as the Lord directs visit hospitals, orphanages or any home for the less privileged in your vicinity. As the Lord blesses your group take up the training of a child who cannot go to school for lack of funds. PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICIZE YOUR DONATIONS OR ASSISTANCE. The Lord will bless your group.


Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song today for keeping you alive
  2. O’ Lord, help me to recognize the need to help people around me
  3. Lord, I desire to give, please provide for me so that I can fulfill this great command that you have given to mankind
  4. Pray for all who are sick in the hospitals or homes that the healing power of God reaches and heal them
  5. Pray for widows, widowers, orphans and children of lepers that God may raise helpers for them
  6. Pray for the success of all Daily Strength charity groups that God grows and empowers them.

Exercise: Form the Daily Strength Charity Group (DSCG) and start working. No time left. Let us show Jesus that we truly love him

Memory Verse: Matthew 25:46