Scripture Reading:  Ezekiel 34:11-16

The Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students has this one wonderful slogan, “NFCS Cares!” Whenever this slogan is repeated among students there is this reassuring confidence it gives the students, that there is actually an institution that cares about them. When a question as this is raised among ladies, “What is one of the qualities you want in a man?” Top among the list is “a caring man”. Nearly everyone would point out this quality and even at times stress it. Today, the Holy Spirit reassures us that God care for us. Share this testimony from a user of Daily Strength: ”Praise the Lord God of Host my Daily Strength family. My testimony attests to the fact that God indeed answers prayers! I had my first daughter three years ago. Before her birth, I had a very healthy pregnancy. The enemy however tried to distort the smooth work of God at her birth. When my baby came forth, several issues arose – from flaccid hands, to loss of oxygen, to hypoglycemia, to jaundice. It was almost an endless list of issues. This followed all forms of negative reports from the doctors which included that the child would never be able to walk and will remain dependent. Having  heard all these, my husband and I rose up against all the reports and physical presentations. We said NO in the name of Jesus. We constantly sought God’s mercy and help, fixing our minds and gaze on God’s own report, and true to His word and faithfulness, He confounded all the doctor’s reports. My daughter has been made whole. She WALKS and RUNS around the whole place now with so much vitality! Glory to Jesus.” Beloved in Christ we serve a God that feels what we feel and stops the pains and sufferings of his people. Most times, you will hear people ask this question, “Does God really care? Does God know I exist?  Beloved, God cares about all our needs, because He is the Chief Shepherd who vowed never to abandon or forsake us. Think of the many times you ran into muddy waters of life and suddenly you find yourself safe at shore.

First God cares for us because He has identified us as precious to Him. If something is precious to you, you will always struggle to take care of it. The way parents care for their children show that they are precious to them. It is very difficult for a mother to forget her baby; but God assures us even if a mother should forget her child, He will never forget us. Is it possible for someone to forget part of Himself, can it be possible for  one to forget his hand or leg at home. In like manner, God cannot forget us and has never at any point in time forgotten us. The reason is because we are part of Him. God cares for us by providing all our needs. King Saul was excessively worried; probably he was nursing the fear of being abandoned or not being cared for by God. So he asked David to come and play him some music so that he could relax. It was on this note that the Holy Spirit inspired David to say,  “The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.” This means that all our needs have been taken care of by God. I was just reflecting sometime  ago, that out of about  180 million Nigerians, averagely everyone has clothes to put on, and somehow irrespective of hardships we still have food. Think about the world; if not for the harmful activities of man to the earth, our God has not failed in His providential role. Mediate on this truth, no one on the face of the earth today exists by what he or she can provide for himself or herself rather everything we have comes from God. Therefore, each day as you wake up from sleep, simply tell the Lord “Thank You O Lord for making it possible to see this new day. I humbly commend all that I am going to do into your hand. Perfect them Lord because I know that You care.” Psalm 121:4 puts this fact across to us, “The protector of Israel never doses or sleeps.”

Prayer Points:

  1. Lord thank You for taking care of me and my needs. I worship You, I adore You, and I glorify You. I praise Your Holy name for ever more Amen.
  2. Pray never to lose confidence in the care that God gives.
  3. Pray for men and women who think that God no longer cares, that a new thing will happen in their lives that will strengthen their confidence in the care that God gives.
  4. Lord, I know you care for me. Thank you (7 times).
  5. Pray to participate in the fasting starting on 19/9/2016.

Exercise: From today begin to love God as a Father who cares.

Memory Verse: Psalm 37:18.