Scripture Reading: Luke 10:25- 37

Do you know that your life is God’s great glory? Share this true story “One day Rev. Fr. C.P Markov met an old student of his, whose bright smile and smart looks dazzled him. He said to himself  ‘See how happy she is’. As they discussed, the lady started to pour out her grief. Her greatest problem was that she was childless and according to the doctor’s diagnosis, the problem was with her. not her husband. As a result, she”was ill-treated by her in-law s and her husband. Her husband wanted a child at all cost; even if it was from another woman. Rev Fr. Markey was wondering what to say to this young lady, carrying such heavy burden on her shoulders. However, he encouraged her to continue to trust in the Lord, assuring her that Jesus never fails. Hear Clare Roothe. “There is no hopeless situations; there are only people who have grown hopeless about them”. Rev Fr. Markey stayed with this lady as long as she needed his presence. In the cause of their discussions, he realized that a great many people were waiting for listening ears; people who could infuse hope in the other and bring the reality of Lord’s love into their lives. Deepath Chopra says. “Anything that is value in life only multiples when given”. Concern for other people’s plight, care for others who are hurt are valuable, and the moment they are given . peace, joy and comfort are the multiplier (many) effects!

Beloved, there is actually no hopeless situation: it is our perception of the situation that makes it seem hopeless. This is why it is important as Christians to be our neighbour’s keeper (Luke 10:37). We must, therefore, learn to have patience with people in distress because a word of consolation from you can go a long way to reduce the tension being experienced. In doing this, your life becomes God’s great glory, because the one you consoled shall be disposed in the spirit to give God glory. Let us then endeavour that our lives he great ‘Gloria’. Each time people see us or interact with us. the joy and love of God should radiate from us. It is only in doing this that we can affect people positively and announce the goodness of God, our Creator to the darkness’ of this world. In our scriptural reading, the Good Samaritan broke the barrier of ethnicity, religion and culture to assist the dying man. Listen to what he told the innkeeper, “take care of him and when I come back this way, I will pay you whatever else you spend on him”. (Verse 35b). While the Priest and Levite failed to represent Christ in the life of the dying man, like Good Samaritan did. By his action, he became ‘Gloria’ to God and a source of joy, peace and restoration to the dying man. When Lazarus died, Jesus Christ honoured the invitation of his (Lazarus) sisters, the scripture records that on getting there ‘Jesus wept’ (Jn 11:30) on seeing where his friend Lazarus was buried. This action of Jesus showed deep compassion and love for Lazarus and his family of course, he did the needful by raising him from the grave so that His Father’s name is glorified.

Dear friend, the Holy Spirit enjoins you as we gradually come to the end of this year and prepare for the celebration of the birth of our Lord to desire to be.God’s great glory. Take a convincing stand today as you prepare to join us in our 21- days Prayer fasting programme starting from the 6 January 2016 to be a vessel through which God’s glory shall radiate to this dark world. Hear St John Paul II. I encourage you, be men and women of deep and abiding faith. Be heralds of hope Be messengers of joy. Be true workers of justice. Let the Good News of Christ radiate from your hearts, and the peace he alone gives remain forever in your soul St. Alfred of Rievanlx concludes today’s reflection in this way. “Charity may be short word, but with its tremendous meaning of pure love, it sums up man’s entire relation to God and to his neighbours. As our Lord explained, it is on charity that all the Law and Prophets depend”.

Prayer Points:

1. Thank God tor today’s reflection

2. O’ Lord, I am so individualistic, wanting always to satisfy self. Help me I beseech you with the grace of a compassionate heart in Jesus name.

3. God of mercy, please release all those in pain now in Jesus name Amen

4. Pray for all couples seeking the fruit of the womb.

5. Pray for all Users of Daily Strength that God may protect, keep and expand their spiritual and financial coasts.

6. Pray for the 21-day prayer fasting starling 6th to 29th of January 2016. Ask God for the spiritual and physical strength to be part of it.

Exercise: Ensure that you take part in the January 2016 Prayers and Fasting and encourage your family, relations and friends to he part of it.

Memory Verse: 2 Cor. 3:I8