Scripture Reading: Psalm 31:1-20

St. Eligius, starts this day with these words, “Grieve not my children; but rather rejoice with me. I have longedfor this time and sighing under the miseries of this world, I have wished for a release. ” Speaking on the reality of life, a Catholic Priest shared with us the sudden death in the hands of armed robbers of a wonderful and promising Catholic Priest. The Priest, undergoing a diocesan sponsored programme in Lagos was attacked by armed robbers on his way back from his home parish after attending a crucial meeting there. This Priest was burnt in his car because the armed robbers’ bullets hit his fuel tank. He was a priest of impeccable character, highly professional and can pass for a holy Priest. The question is why God allowed the church and his Bishop to suffer this great loss. What can his parents say; haven lost their son (Priest) and his younger brother travelling with him in the same car. The pain is unimaginable to the church, Bishop and family members. Could this be the mind or plan of God for this to happen?

In the same vein, many Christians have suffered various degrees of terror, trials and temptations. Some have lost very dear ones and found it difficult to understand why such could happen. In September 11,2001, Americans woke up to experience the horror of the attack of the Twin Tower of the World Trade Centre in New York. It was a national tragedy and many persons lost their lives there. In many nations of the world today, violent and unexpected attacks have sent both the young and old to their graves. David experienced lots of this and lamented, “For I hear many whispering, ‘Terror on every side!’ They conspire against me and plot to take my life” (Psalm 31:13). King David, though frightened by the conspiracy and evil plots against him, decided to refocus his thoughts and mind to the source of real protection as he said, “But I trust in you Lord; I say you are my God” (Verse 14). You can be afraid, but yet trusting in the power of God to deliver you. The reason is because, as the Psalmist says, “My times are in your hands; deliver me from the hands of my enemies, from those w ho pursue me” (Verse. 15). Beloved in Christ, St. Eligius says to you today, “Grieve not”, because your life and future are in God’s hands. He determines what happens to you on daily basis.

Dear friend, the reality of life at times may not always come out as expected, but one thing is certain for all children of God. It is that, God hides us in the safety of his presence from the plots of men; he hides us in his shelter and covers us from the assault of our foes! (Psalm 31:20); this is an eternal truth. God would never abandon anyone who depends on him.“His words are true and dependable” (Psalm 33:4).So if we are grieving at this moment or going through very difficult times, let’s be consoled in the words of God that says, “The oppressed looked to him and they are glad; they will never be disappointed. The helpless call to him, and he answers; he saves them from all their troubles. His angel guides those who honour the LORD and rescues them from danger” (Psalm 34:5 – 7).

Prayer Points:

  1. The scripture says, “Rejoice, I say rejoice”, Heavenly Father, I rejoice today that I have you as my God, and that you care for me (PRAY)
  2. What are you going through now? Humbly present same to God in prayer.
  1. According to your word: “My future is in your hands”, so Father I beseech you, help me to realize your vision for my life here on earth (PRAY)
  2. Father, by the power in your name, I ask for divine protection for all in danger of death by the powers of darkness
  3. I humbly ask for your divine healing and deliverance for all bound by diseases and power of evil
  4. By the power in your name, I pray for divine intervention into the lives of all oppressed by the privileged masters
  5. Father, by the power in your name, I pray for a lifting up for as many that are pressed down by the wilderness of the world

Exercise: Meditate today on the awesome person of God.

Memory Verse: Psalm 33:10