Scripture Reading: Luke 18:38-39

In our groaning and supplication to God, many forces both external and internal tend to force us to be silent. Some believers have allowed these forces to successfully shut their voices of prayer.  Today the Scripture calls us to cry again, to raise our voices of prayer again, to cry out even more than we cried before in prayer. Don’t allow anybody or situations to stop you from praying.

Those around Jesus tried to hinder blind Bartimaeus from crying to Jesus. They mounted pressure on him to stop praying aloud, they scolded him to stop crying; saying, be quite. But He refused, He cried out the louder.
How many believers have lost their opportunities for salvation, healing, miracle and divine favour, because they succumbed to spiritual and human pressure to stop praying? I know of a sister who stopped her midnight prayers because of fear of demonic attacks. I used to have a young prayer partner who   stopped our early morning covenant time with the Lord because of the pressure of his parents.

Brethren, you have fasted and prayed for a long time without a solution. You may have stop crying because there seem to be no result from your earlier cries. But did you notice from the scripture reading, Jesus did not respond to the blind man’s first cry? Did you notice that Jesus kept quite when people were trying to stop the blind man from crying? When the blind man refused to be discouraged by the seeming lack of response from Jesus he decided that the best thing to do was to cry louder. Even the obvious distractions and discouragement from Jesus’ followers were not strong enough to shut him up. Beloved in Christ the situations around you may seem to discourage you from continuing your perseverance in prayer and fasting. You may be saying to yourself now: “There is no need continuing. It is obvious that the Lord is far away and not ready to harken to my prayers” The Holy Spirit says to you: “It is time to cry again, it is time to make another louder cry, it is time to pray and fast more. It is time to make a piercing groaning that touches heaven. It is time to cry from the heart, deep groaning”. Your morning has come; the darkness is over. Don’t be discouraged.

MASS: WHITE Zec 8:1-8; Ps 102:16-18.19-21.22-23.29 (R.17); Accl Mk 10:45; Matt 18:1-5.10THE GUARDIAN ANGELS (MEMORIAL)

Prayer Point:

1 God of Divine Mercy, You are our constant companion always ready to hear our needs. Grant us the grace to have the faith to trust in your love and compassion, and to call upon you always without succumbing to the forces that try to discourage and hinder us from consistency in prayer in the name of Jesus.

Exercise: Share today’s reflection with someone.

Meditation: Luke 18:39