Scriptural Reading: Luke 10:31

Modern man belongs to a specie that seeks to give excuses for everything he does. We give excuses at any given event and never want to take responsibility for our actions. And of course, excuses are always readily available to us such that we don’t need to search too far for one at any given occasion. This was the danger the priest and Levite in our lead passage today fell victim of. They saw the man who had been a victim of robbers but found an “other side” – an escape route indeed. They were not blinded to the condition of the man but they had a million and one reasons, genuine ones for that matter, why they shouldn’t help. As such, they took to the other side. Is this not our own experience in our human society? Are we not fond of giving excuses why we cannot extend a helping hand to that needy neighbor? Do we not often resort to rationalizing when it comes to giving to the poor?
When your children attend the best of schools and your neighbour’s cannot even afford tuition for the poorest school in the locality, what excuse do you give? When you refuse giving your used clothes to that friend of yours who has none and perhaps has stopped attending Sunday Mass because of shame of not having what to put on, what excuse do you give yourself? When you refuse to make donations towards the realization of church projects, what excuse do you give? When you fail to give out your notes to students and colleagues so that they can benefit from your wealth of knowledge, what excuse do you give? When you turn visitors away from your homes, refusing to offer accommodation or any other assistance to strangers, how do you justify yourself? When you refuse to help that needy widow who desperately needs your help in order to survive.When you fail to give stranded passengers a ride.When you close your eyes to beggars. My friend, what excuses do you give to encourage yourself? Whenever we give such excuses and fail to confront these unpleasant situations headlong and prefer to give laudable excuses, we cross to the other side. Here is the challenge for us today: the Lord does not want us to keep on passing through to the other side anymore. He rather wants us to face situations with loving faith and trust and never give up until they are resolved. He wants us to be His face in the world, bringing light, joy and happiness to the life of men.

MASS: WHITE Acts 9:1-20; Ps 117:1-2 (R. Mk 6:15); Accl. Jn 6:56; Jn 6:52-59

Prayer Points:
1. Thank God for today’s message.
2. Ask for forgiveness and pardon for the sins of indifference to the needs of your neighhbours.
3. Father, make me a channel of Your blessings to my neighbours and those around me.
4. Lord, put upon my heart the burden to give.
5. “I am a giver and not a borrower”. By the virtue of the Word of God, let every obstacle to my progress give way in my life in Jesus name.
6. God cannot lie. Every situation that is trying to make God appear a liar in my finances bow today in Jesus name.

Exercise: Give a helping hand to a needy today, through the DSD charity group in your area.

Meditation: Deut. 15:7