Scripture Reading: John 20:24-29
That Jesus is real has never been a fact of dispute. Saul encountered the Lord and was transformed from being a persecutor of the Christian faith to a promoter of the Christian faith. Thomas encountered the reality of the Saviour and risen Lord, and made this eternal truth known by this acclamation, “My Lord and my God”. It is in view of the reality of Jesus that Michael Schmaus wrote, “In Jesus Christ, God’s word is proclaimed no longer simply as a power guiding history, but a personal reality in history.” Dear child of God, what is more saddening today is that we are fast losing the sense of THE REALITY of Christ in our lives. Our love, experience, and relationship with Jesus can be obscured if we are not conscious of it. “Lord it is not possible that I lose your reality in my life,” you may say. And the Lord will say to us: “Each time the word of God we study and reflect upon fails to yield a righteous harvest; each time we enter God’s presence in His church and we are not moved to sincere reverence and act of worship; each time we refuse to allow Jesus dictate what is good or bad in our lives; each time we relegate the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and the Blessed Sacrament; each time we run around in confusion looking for solution to life’s challenges with pressure, fear, worry, anxiety, depression and hopelessness; each time we allow fear to misguide, mislead or make us faithless; each time we fail to help our suffering brothers and sisters, knowing fully well that Jesus is the one actually suffering.
Beloved in Christ, Thomas Kempis admonishes us thus, “If in all things thou seek Jesus doubtless thou will find Jesus.”
MASS: WHITE Ex. 33:7-11; 34:5b-9.28; Ps. 103:6-7.8-9.10-11.12-13(R.8a); Matt. 13:36-43 ST. ALPHONSUS LIGUORI, B.D. (MEMORIAL)
Prayer Points
Dear Lord Jesus, I am very sorry for the number of times I have doubted Your reality in my life through my dispositions and my attitudes, please be merciful to me.
2 Grant me the grace not to lose the sense of Your reality every moment of my life in the name of Jesus.
3 Take Padre Pio’s prayer, “Stay with Me Lord”.
Exercise: Join the Daily Strength Devotional Prayer Network (DSPN) every Tuesday in a midnight prayer Session
Time: 1:00am – 2:00am
Venue: Your Private Prayer Chamber
DSPN Prayer Points:
1. Pray against satanic domination and influence over the entertainment industry.
2. Pray that through artistic creativity Christ should be made known.
3. Pray for the conversion of artistes who promote evil and immorality.
4. Pray as the Spirit directs you.
Meditation: Revelation 1:18