Scripture Reading: John 8:44
Dear child of God, Satan operates with lies, and most times he wins even believers over through lying to them. We are therefore called more than ever to be more cautious and guard against satan’s lies seriously; for it is a sin wholly opposed to the mind of God who is truth (Rev. 19:11). Today our values for charity, love, purity, chastity and all good virtues from God are fast being eroded because of the lies that Satan puts up to distort what is right or holy are being accepted.
Children of God are therefore, in serious crisis because they face on daily basis what looks like truth but contains therein, falsehood and a denial of the love of God. Satan the devil is the master planner who uses God’s creatures to propagate falsehood and half-truths. Recall the event at the Garden of Eden which brought Adam and Eve from glory to ashes. In Genesis 3:1b the scripture says, “Did God really say, “You must not eat from any tree in the Garden?” Eve replies “God said, “You shall not eat and you shall not touch it or you will die.” Satan said to the woman, “You will not die.” Dear child of God, one serious lesson we have to learn from this, is the fact that today man longs to hear that what has been known as a sinful act is no longer sinful. The moment Eve heard from Satan that she will not die, she went ahead to do what God warned them against. Watch out for all the “you will not die” messages of Satan in our generation such as: “Abortion is not a sin, it is a matter of choice”; “same-sex marriage is not an evil against marriage and procreation injunction of the Lord, it is expressing one’s self”; “dressing transparently and indecently is a trend in fashion”; defrauding innocent people of their finances is no longer evil but a means of livelihood.”
A preacher preaching to a multitude of believers posited that masturbation is not a sin but a show of love to one’s self. This message is sponsored from the pit of hell. Hear this: Satan had lied to a sister that the income from hair-making business cannot carter for her needs if she does support it with money from keeping male friends. She bought into that lie, until the Holy Spirit convinced her to reject it. As soon as she stopped the indecent relationships, God expanded her skill of hair-do such that she now produces styles that sells even outside the state she operates in” Do not be deceived by the “NO LONGER SINFUL” declarations or nods that might be established by state, culture, tradition, laws or fake preachers.
2 Kgs 11:1-4.9-18,20; Ps 132:11.12.13-14.17-18(R.13); Accl Mt 6:19-23 St Paulinus of Nola, B. (Opt Mem), Ss John Fisher, B. & Thomas Moore, M. (Opt Mem)
Prayer Points:
1. O Lord, have mercy on us for we have sinned (Be three times remorseful and express a firm purpose of amendment).
2. O Lord, send me the Spirit of truth, to enable me track down all Satan’s lies at all times.
3. I reject everything that is evil, I reject sin, I will live a life of holiness. I will live a life of purity. I will live a life free from sin and evil, in Jesus name.

Exercise: Be watchful and prayerful.
Meditation: Psalms 34:8