Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 16:4-13
As we encounter God’s words, and experience His dealings, we are continually faced with the truth of these words: “My thoughts are completely different from yours… and my ways are far beyond anything you could ever imagine…” Isaiah 55:8, (NLT) Our thoughts and ways as humans, are basically formed by our senses. We hear, and we believe; we see, and we conclude, and we feel, we confirm.
Like the prophet Samuel, believers are so used to patterns and traditions that we never wait to check with God on issues anymore. Samuel, possibly judging from all the qualifications of the previous king of Israel, erroneously concluded that God’s latest choice of a king would be on the same ground. And so, he a great prophet of God, almost got deceived.
How often are we deceived by the appearance of countenance, and the height of stature! How frequently are we carried away by the flashy outlook of things that we fail to notice their inner decay! Yet we hear the Holy Spirit say to us today, “God seeth not as man seeth…” (KJV) “The Lord doesn’t make decisions the way you do.” (NLT)
Beloved, there is an urgent need for us to refocus our attention and look away from the normalcy around us that charms us and begin to fix our gaze where God shines His light; on the inside, the inner man. When God looks at a man He sees his intentions and drive, and it is from that end that God evaluates him, not merely by his actions. Jesus re-echoes the Father’s word when He rebuked the people thus, “Do not keep judging according to appearances, let your judgment be according to what is right.” John 7:24 (NJB)
Dearly beloved, we have to deliberately accept the fact that for us to correctly evaluate and understand things, we need the Spirit of God, otherwise we will continue to make blunders in our conclusions.
As children of God, therefore, we have to subject all our conclusions to His scrutiny and incline our heart to hear His opinion on things and situations. Don’t live your life based on how you see things, don’t make choices based on appearances, don’t judge with the seeing of your eyes nor with the hearing of your ears but instead seek to hear from the Lord always.
MASS: GREEN/WHITE Lev 25:1.8-17; Ps 67:2-3.5.7-8(R.4)Accl Matt 5:10; Matt 14:1-12 DEDICATION OF THE BASILICA OF ST. MARY MAJOR IN ROME (OPT MEM) B.V.M
Prayer Points:
1. Open the eyes of my mind Lord, that I may see as You see, think as You think and choose as You would choose.
2. Lord, I beseech You, teach me to submit to Your leading.
3. It is my desire to do Your will. Stamp in my heart the desire to do Your Will.
4. Wisdom comes from You; dear Lord teach me to be godly and wise, O Lord.

Exercise: Don’t be in haste to take any decision today, learn to check with the Lord.
Meditation: Proverbs 2:1