Scripture Reading: Revelation 21:7

“He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.” (KJV)
To overcome implies to struggle against oppositions and hindrances, which push to stop the progress to, and the accomplishment of a targeted goal. To be an overcomer is to be a winner, one who has subdued oppositions and hindrances and has reached a targeted goal. As pilgrims on earth, we are on a journey into eternity. Yet the path on which we journey, is full of pitfalls and dangerous traps. It is a road, our Master sincerely tells us, in Luke13:24, is hard and very narrow. Hard and narrow to the point that, though many will seek to enter through, only few will eventually make it. What makes this road so difficult that only few overcomers would finally reach the targeted goal?
Apostle John, in his first letter to the Christians, charged us by the Holy Spirit not to love this passing world, nor the things of the world. He numerated, the three major pitfalls in this world, set by Satan, our adversary that have made the journey of the pilgrim a difficult one. They are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.
These lusts are the devil’s anchor for building strongholds in the hearts of men. These strongholds are capable of choking the love of the Father from the hearts of believers. These lusts, are the major reason why many who have a desire to walk in the way of righteousness, gradually begin to draw back and grow cold.
Daily, these lusts present themselves to us and entice us with all their fading glories, they seek to ensnare us in their griping tentacles and draw us away from the Father. And except the Lord helps us to understand that what is at stake, (which weighs far more than the fleeting satisfaction of indulging in these lustful desires), we will not overcome their temptations.
Beloved, one of the ways to overcome, is to fix our eyes on Jesus, and like Moses, see the invisible. The Bible tells us in Hebrews: 24-27, that Moses forsook the treasures and pleasures of Egypt, and instead, esteemed affliction because he saw Him who is invisible. As Saint Therese of Lisieux puts it, “Let us go forward in peace, our eyes upon heaven, the only goal of our labor.”Our eyes as pilgrims must be singled, and focused on Christ. We must look away from the pleasures and treasures of this world if we must run to overcome. Our fathers ran with a focus, Jesus our Master had a focus, and so when the tempter flashed the glories of the world before Him, He overcame.
Beloved, we hear the Lord’s promise to him who overcomes; he shall inherit all things. There is an inheritance awaiting anyone of us who runs to the end, without getting lost and overcome the pitfalls the world sets along our path. We shall inherit all things that belongs to the Father, just as our Master Jesus and the saints did. It is only when we have overcome to the end that we can truly be genuine sons, fit to possess what belongs to our Father. Precious child of God, examine your heart with all sincerity and trepidation, and beg the Father to expunge from your heart any love for the world or its pleasures we cling to. The value of what is in store for us is eternal and supersedes all the world’s pleasures and treasures of many centuries put together. We must strive to the end, until we inherit all.

MASS: WHITE Acts 4:1-12; Ps 118:1-2.4.22-24.25-27ab (R.22); Accl. Ps 118:24; Jn 21:1-14 OCTAVE OF EASTER

Prayer Points:
1. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see what your eternal inheritance is.
2. Holy Spirit, in Your love bring the vision of Christ to me in the name of Jesus.
3. Father I am lustful, proud and always carried away by the things of this world. I beseech You dear Father to come to my aid or I perish.
4. Lord Jesus remember all users of DSD all over the world. Grant us the grace of merciful judgment on that day.

Exercise: Take a decision today to focus more on the Person of Jesus Christ.

Meditation: 1 John 3:10