Scripture Reading: John 19:26–27

Welcome to the sixth day of our GREAT MARIAN NOVENA. Let us begin today’s devotional with this testimony. Christine sent us this testimony, after last year’s “Great Marian Novena”. “I was without job for 3 years plus and I implore to mother Mary intercession during the just concluded DSD’s Great Marian Novena. Two months after that by December 10th, 2020 I found a good job. This won’t be possible without Mother Mary’s intervention. Please DSD join to give God all the glory, a sincere thanks to our Mother Mary.”

Let us read Matthew 12:48-50. This passage offers a wonderful opportunity to speak about the Blessed Virgin Mary. The truth is that His statement affirms her motherhood more than anything. Why? Because He is speaking about how one becomes a true member of His family. And that happens when one “does the will of my heavenly Father.” Who better fulfilled the will of the Heavenly Father? Who was more obedient in all things than the Blessed Virgin? No one was. She acted in perfect obedience throughout her life. Therefore, she perfectly fulfills the requirement of being Jesus’ family.

By her maternal intercession and compassion for us, Mary opens the floodgates of the merciful love that God wants to pour out upon the world. The Second Vatican Council summed up for us this role of Mary, Mother of Mercy, in Lumen Gentium (no. 62): “The motherhood of Mary in the order of grace lasts without interruption from the consent which she faithfully gave at the annunciation, and which she sustained without hesitation under the cross until the eternal fulfillment of all the elect. In fact, being assumed into heaven, she has not laid aside this office of salvation, but by her manifold intercession, she continues to obtain for us the graces of eternal salvation. By her maternal charity, she takes care of the brethren of her Son who still journey on earth surrounded by dangers and difficulties, until they are led into their blessed home.”

“The office and authority of the Queen Mother in her close relationship with the king made her the strongest “advocate” to the king for the people of the kingdom … no one had more intercessory power to the king than the Queen Mother, who at times sat enthroned at the right side of the king (cf. 1 Kings 2:19-20).” (Introduction to Mary, Queenship Press)

MASS:   WHITE Malachi 3:13-4:2a; Ps 1:1-2.3.4 and 6 (R. Ps 40:5ab); Accl: Acts 16:14b; Gospel. Lk 11:5-13 OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY (MEMORIAL)

Prayer Point:

               1.            Eternal Father, send your Angels of signs and wonders into my life, destiny, career, business, academics, ministry, finances and marriage. God, turn my life around for good. O Lord, may miracles, signs and wonders follow me everywhere I go, in the Name of Jesus the Lord.

Exercise: Endeavour to invite more persons to join in this Novena. Take the prayers in Section B “THE GREAT MARIAN NOVENA PRAYERS AND INSTRUCTIONS” Remember to be part of the 3 days fasting (6am-12noon optional depending on health and age).