Scripture Reading: Psalm 149:1-9

St John of Kanty had this as his legacy. “When St. John Kunt was posted to his parish after ordination, he was at first not accepted but throwing himself heart and soul into the ministry, won everyone by his happy and amiable disposition and his great humility, and above all by his particular!) outstanding charity and liberality towards the poor. Whatever, he happened to have on hand in terms of money, food, clothing or whatever was always at then proposal. As a result, he would often return home’barefooted after giving some unfortunate beggar the very shoe he was wearing” Sometime ago. I visited a Catholic Priest of Warri diocese, in the company of another Christian brother. He had plastic chairs in his sitting room: so my friend asked what happened to the beautiful chairs that were there. He said. “A newly ordained Priest was posted to a village where there was no provisions for him. I then decided to send my chairs to him. In the same diocese, another Priest had to sell the only car he had to raise money to complete the roofing of the Parish house in the Parish where he is the Pastor, when, I hear and see things like these. I conclude that there are many Jesus’ on earth out of love for what they believed in, they made tremendous sacrifices. This is the heart of Christ. Verse 4 of our reference today says, “ The Lord takes pleasure in his people: He honours the humble with victory” Beloved, tomorrow the whole world celebrates the memorial of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ; who abandoned his magnificent throne in heaven, take up the nature of man. if only to bring man back to his Creator.

Hear Prophet Isaiah, “And I heard a great voice out of heaven saving, behold the tabernacle of Cod Is with men. and he vs ill dwell with them, and the) shall he his people, and God himself shall he with them, and he their God”. Jesus Christ undertook this journey because his love for mankind is total and knows no bound”. His love is comprehensive. There is no aspect of a man’s life, or what concerns his welfare that is not important to Jesus Christ. He thinks about your welfare here on earth and your salvation hereafter. The Lord watches your steps and ensures that you do not step into the pit of death. Hence the scripture says, “The Lord guides people in the way they should go and protects those who please him”. (Ps 37:23) Just like Jesus, they gave up their valuable for the love of God and his people.

Beloved, do you think that there is any aspect of your life that Jesus Christ is not concerned about? Friend, there is virtually none, because his love for you cannot allow him look away from you when you are in any type of distress. Hear this, iii your afflictions, Jesus is afflicted and like a father has pity on his children so also he has pity on us. This was why the Psalmist prayed, “Turn to me and have mercy on me as you do on all those who love vou. As you have promised, keep me from fulling. Save me from those w ho oppose me. so that I may obey your commands” (Ps 119:132-134). St. Romuald meditating on the love »t Christ went into adoration with these exclamations: “Dear Jesus! N1y deai Jesus! My unspeakable desire! Ms joy! the angel’s! Sweetness of the Saints!” So your burden and that of others arc on the shoulder of the one whom wc celebrate. He is coming tomorrow: so he says to you “Come to me all you who are carrying very heavy load, and I will give you rest”. (Matt 11:2). Oh what a great heart of love the Son of God has for this own. This kind of love is incomprehensible.

Prayer Points:

1. Take a praise worship song as you are led

2. Thank God for the grace to witness another Christmas celebration

3. Repent of your inability to appreciate or recognize his love for you and make effort to sliarc with others.

4. Pray for the grace to recognize and have enduring and profitable fellowship with Jesus in the coining year.

5. Pray for as many as are travelling this period of celebration that the good Lord will grant them safe journeys.

6. Pray for success of the 21 days of fasting programme starting 6 January 2016. Pray for the opportunity to be part of it.

Exercise: Share the joy of Christ with neighbours this Christmas

Memory Verse: Proverbs 3:6