Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:23

Let’s start today with the words of Blessed William of St. Thierry, “ This Lord is your Word to us, this is your all-powerful message; while all things were in the midnight silence … he came from his royal throne, … the gentle apostle of love. ”

Yesterday, the world over celebrated the commemoration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Today the Holy Spirit wants us to examine more deeply Jesus’ humble parentage. Recall that the scripture described Mary, simply as Virgin, not a royalty or a queen or princess. She was not also described as a rich owner of the most expensive boutique in her time or owner of the largest estate. In spite of this, her lineage cannot be despised, because the blood of kings runs in her veins. Mary cannot also be said to be weak minded and untaught because she could sing the sweetness of songs in praise of her Father in heaven. Yet, Mary was so humble, and betrothed to a poor man named Joseph; and could not have her only child (King of the universe) in an inn, but in a miserable accommodation- in a manger. Hear this: At times, I hear some ladies say, “1 cannot marry the man because he has no good job or none at all.” It is not always right to deny one, God’s blessing because of present physical evidence. Persons coming into marriage should lay their trust and confidence in God to provide for them. Many who ventured into marriage after doing the necessary things as required by the church and family experienced in a special way the helping hand of God. Scripture says, “Do not forsake humble beginning.”(Zachariah 4:10) His presence in your life may be the point of contact the Lord is waiting for to perform his miracle and show love upon the man. The poverty of the Holy Family of Nazareth has been consecrated and men of low estate are exalted and honoured. You, Beloved in Christ you have a share in this exaltation, this lifting up.

Dear friend, as a believer always put on the portraits of Christ, manifesting purity in the spirit, humility ana immense love for God and neighbour. Jesus is a portrait of these virtues and that is what believers are supposed to be putting on. As renewed and redeemed Christians, let the circumstances and privileges of the birth of Christ be a source of delight to you daily. We should, therefore form the habit of contemplating on the birth of Jesus and pray that its spiritual impact may renew our drooping spirit. Dear Believer, even though Christ was born in the most humiliating environment, there is much that is honourable in the circumstances of his birth. Is there anyone living or dead whose birth was ushered in by a long train of prophetic announcements or longed for by righteous hearts? Only Jesus, in all creation, had a forerunner in the person of John the Baptist. At his birth, heaven was agog and the Angel sang to His glory. Added to the wonderful happenings neralding his birth, a special star was noticed in the sky. This special star was to announce that God has come to the earth Himself and all should rejoice and be glad. Is there anyone except Jesus who received homage from both the rich ana poor? So let the earth rejoice today and make joyful noise because God has come down in flesh as the Messiah of His people. Like the shepherds and wise men who worshiped and paid homage to the everlasting King, you should remember to send gifts to friends, neighbour and the less privileged around. In the spirit of the birth of the King of the Universe, assist as many people as you can and God will bless you for that.

Let us conclude today’s reflection in the words of Jeffrey K. Wilson “Giving pays the highest interest rate and has the longest term of any investment available. ’’

Prayer Points:

1. Repeat the prayer points of yesterday.

2. Pray for all the less privileged that God’s face may shine on them.

3. Pray for the grace to be an instrument through which they can be consoled.

4. Lord, recreate the newborn King in the hearts and mind of members of my church community in Jesus name.

5. Lord, in your mercy guide us through the remaining part of the year. Pray for the success of the 21 days of fasting and prayers programme starting from January 6th.

Exercise: Ensure that you give out something valuable to someone today.
Memory Verse: Luke 1:37