Scripture Reading:  2 Kings 7:1-12 

Welcome to today’s reflection. Elisha said, listen to what the Lord says, “By this time tomorrow you will be able to buy in Samarian three kilograms of the best wheat or six kilograms of barley for one piece of silver.”  Often and always the word of God is true and stands sure; but reprobate minds would always doubt its effectiveness and authenticity.  One of such men was the king’s personal assistant who tried to mimic the word of God by saying, “Behold if the Lord would make windows in heaven, could this thing happen?  Of course Elisha, sure of 

God; yet He is our brother and dear friend.  Jesus is the fulfilment of God’s promise to mankind.  Let us adore Him.  Let us praise the Father for His miraculous conception; a thing unheard in history.  A thing unparalleled, that a virgin should conceive and bear a son.  Like Prophet Jeremiah said, “The Lord has created a new thing on earth; a woman shall compass a man.” (Jer. 31:22)  When Adam and Eve fell, God in His compassion and love made clothes, garments of skin for them and clothed their nakedness.  In the same way God in the person of Jesus came down, took the form of flesh in the womb of Mary and was born on this day.  St. Paul says, “He (Jesus) is the image of the unseen God and for all creation, He is the first born, for in Him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible; thrones, rulers, authorities, powers . . . . All were made through Him.” (Col. 1:15 —16)“So glory to God in the highest heavens and on earth to those with whom He is pleased.” (Luke. 2:14)  As we reverently adore and admire our Saviour on this day, let us not lose sight of the humble abode where He was born.  Let us also take notice of His humble parentage.  Mary was simply described as a virgin, not a princess, prophetess or owner of a large estate.  Her husband was equally described as a humble man who feared the God.  Though the lineage of Jesus is kingly but the circumstances surrounding His conception is a perfect blend of royalty, majesty and poverty.  What a contradiction?  Today the Holy Spirit teaches us that even in your royalty, wealth and prosperity, you can be more admired, acknowledged when you are humble.  Besides, while your humble disposition can make you a friend of the Lord, royalty, wealth and prosperity may not, except you use them to help the needy and not to oppress.  The Holy Spirit also teaches that the birth of Christ, not only reminds us of our birthdays, but our death days also.  We are therefore encouraged to be sober in our celebration so that we do not abuse the love of God.
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Prayer Points:

1. Take any worship song to praise the name of God.

the God he served said to him, “Behold you will see it with your eyes, but will not eat of it.”  Beloved in Christ, the opinion of the King’s servant represents largely the mindset of many Christians today.  Though we pray, but do not trust God unwaveringly to grant our prayer requests.  We are not convinced that our God is so powerful and well able to do exceedingly much more than we can imagine.  Hear the Psalmist, “The law of the Lord is perfect; it gives new strength.  The commands of the Lord are trustworthy, giving wisdom to those who lack it.” (Psalm 19:7).  Since the Word of God is sure, God’s part of the covenant must always be carried out.

Dear user of Daily Strength, from the text it is clear that the King’s servant found it impossible to believe in Elisha’s prophesies because his thoughts were from his natural senses. He forgot that God created the universe out of nothing and more than able to turn the period of famine into great abundance.  He forgot that when God says a thing nobody or principality has the power to upturn it.  He forgot that Elisha spoke not of himself but as the mouthpiece of the Alpha and Omega.  He was utterly ignorant of who God is; so Elisha rebuked him, with the assurance that the word of God standeth sure!  Beloved in Christ, hear this, “I used to have very severe waist pain and on the 26th April 2016, I keyed into the topic of the day in Daily Strength (The miracle working God) and surprisingly, to the glory of God Almighty, I was totally healed.”  Dear friend, why is your faith in the Lord so cold?  Think for a moment and remember that the God you serve created the universe including you, by the power of His word.  By this same spoken word He called everything you see into existence.  Nothing is impossible or too difficult for Him.  For instance, no manner of disease is beyond the capacity of God to cure.  Testimonies abound on healings, even for terminal diseases.  God is well able to heal you today; for He was not joking when he said, “I am the Lord that healeth thee.”This is true, because I, Bro. Jude have experienced divine healing.  He placed me inside a balloon of air for a whole night and the next day I was healed and discharged from the hospital.  Even Lucifer appreciates God’s enormous powers and scared that if you understand this, and utilize this privilege to the full, his kingdom will be in trouble.  That is why he feeds men with ugly spirit of unbelief and doubt.  Beloved in Christ, God is great, mighty and powerful.  Just dare to pray, believe and experience his mighty power.

Acts 6: 8-10; 7: 54-59; Ps 31:3bc-4. 6 and 8ab. 16bc and 17 (R. 6a); Mt 10: 17-22  ST.  STEPHEN, PROTO MARTYR F
Prayer Points:

1. O Lord cause those who trouble me to repent.

2. O Lord intervene in my situation and restore me to my rightful position in the name of Jesus.

3. Take this declaration seriously, “Lord I waited patiently for You and You heard my cry and answered me.  You set my feet firmly on the rock and put a new song in my mouth and gave me a hymn to sing to You. Let those around me; see the physical manifestation of what You have done for me.”  In the name of Jesus.

4. Father, thank You for Your Spirit which has illuminated Your word to me and given me weapons of warfare filled with Your power.  Grant me the needed grace to use these weapons effectively in the name of Jesus
Exercise:  Take the prayer of  “The Blood of Jesus” as a weapon…( once today)
Memory Verse:  Mark 13:31