Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel. 3:1

The story of David reminds every Christian of the power that follows God’s own appointment and approval. Goliath was a nightmare and a terror to the Israelites and indeed the whole of humanity (1Sam.17:1-25). For David to stand before Goliath in the first place is unimaginable; because, he was disadvantaged in all ramifications; a young boy who had no basic experience of life. Not trained in the art of war because he was not a soldier and little wonder he came to the battle front with a mere catapult. In all human estimations, David was weak, untrained and therefore unfit to engage in such a battle. Human opinion failed in David’s instance because, God was with him and at all times, the presence of God makes the difference. Remember, “one with God is always the majority”. In the face of what human beings considered weakness and disadvantage, David waxed strong because the finger of God rested on him. Goliath fell under the power of God whose instrument was David. At a point in his life, David was also faced with severe challenges from powers that be in the society, Saul wanted his life at all cost because he felt his throne was threatened with the growing fame of David. David appeared weak and vulnerable before Saul in the eyes of men, but because he was with God, everything worked unto good for him; he became stronger. This was to the extent that the son of Saul, Jonathan had a special place in his heart for David. Indeed, God prepared a table for David even in the presence of his arch-enemy, Saul (Ps. 23:5).

He grew stronger even when all human authority was against him. Not even Saul in his position as King and his army could harm David; he grew stronger with God.(2 Sam. 5:10) says, “And he became more and more powerful, because the LORD God Almighty was with him.”David grows stronger because the Lord was with him. He does not manipulate. He does not doubt God’s power. He waits for God’s timing. He knows the Lord as his Shepherd and that He never fails. Beloved you can always overcome your challenges as long as you acknowledge the Lord as your Refuge.

MASS: WHITE Ezk 47:1-2.8-9.12; Ps 46:2-3.5-6.8-9(R.5); 1 Cor 3:9c-11.16-17; Accl 2 Chro 7:16; Jn 2:13-22 DEDICATION OF THE LATERAN BASILICA (FEAST)

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God this reflection today.
  2. Ask for mercy for the times you broke intimacy with God
  3. Pray that you and your family may grow stronger and stronger in the face of any life challenge.
  4. Declare this “With boldness in the Lord I trust I will overcome all life challenges and spread the Gospel to people around me in the name of Jesus”

Exercise: Learn to seek intimacy with God and wait on His timing.

Meditation:1 Chronicles 11:9