Scripture Reading:  Psalm 78:70-72

From today’s reflection, the Lord speaks to us about what makes Him drawn to us easily.  There are certain attitudes and actions we exhibit that pierce heaven and get the attention of the Lord.  God usually looks for people He can work with in the furtherance and actualization of His work here on earth.  Since after the distortion of the peaceful earth created by God through the works of Satan, there is the need to make all things bright and beautiful again, God will bring to an end the evil brought about by Satan. Satan will be permanently defeated, death will be no more and man will eventually live with His Maker for eternity.  Once you understand this mission of God and all your actions are geared towards actualizing this goal, God’s attention is attracted; God becomes seriously interested in you.

Let us look at an example of a virtuous woman whose personality attracted God. When God wanted to redeem man, He looked down on earth, to see who can carry out this role of caring for the Redeemer. He found a woman with sterling character, a woman with all the qualities appreciated by God and Mary Mother of our Saviour met with all these standards and qualities.  She was very willing to give up her will for God’s will to prevail.  Luke 1:38 reveals the declaration that made God attracted to her.  She declared, “I am the handmaid of God let it be done to me according to your word.” This is total surrender to God’s will and purpose for her life. Even though the history of her life was to change, she cared less; her desire was to please her Creator. Hear St Paul in Phil. 3:10-11,”All I want is to know Christ and to experience the power of his resurrection, to share in his sufferings and become like him in death, in hope that I myself may be raised from death to life.”   Does your life please God?  Moses grew up as a prince in Pharaoh’s house, but he knew he was not an Egyptian, but a Hebrew boy.  His defense of a Hebrew boy being oppressed endeared him to God.  That showed that Moses had the capacity to liberate the oppressed.  Can God count on you for the liberation of His people?  Do your actions suggest to God that you are compassionate with those who suffer hunger, strife, oppression, injustice, war, terrorism, corruption and bribery, moral decadence and unemployment in the land?

  David at a very tender age started grooming himself to be a great leader.  According to our scripture reading David was shepherding the flocks, because of the outstanding manner he was caring for the flocks, God got interested in him and he was made the shepherd of His people.  Jesus told His first disciples, you will no longer be fishermen but fishers of men.  Dear Child of God, use, your position to attract God.  As a father, a mother, a youth, a spiritual leader, exhibit those gracious characters that confer your greatness.  These qualities attract God a lot, righteousness, selflessness, compassionate and forgiving heart, sincerity of purpose, humility, obedience, truthfulness, charitable, integrity, and freedom-fighter. A story was told of a medical doctor who used his profession to attract God to himself.  He set up a voluntary mobile clinic in remote villages that had no hospitals, because of that God blessed him amazingly.  As we observe this holy season of Lent, how much effort are you making to be pleasing to God in your actions, vocation, and profession and daily duties? Think of and repent.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for the message for God’s word to you today because He loves you.
  2. Lord, please have mercy upon me in every aspect of my life that I have failed to work for you but for my own selfish ends.
  3. Pray for all those who are in special assignment that they will serve God with their career.
  4. Pray for all professionals including Teachers who abandon their clients to go about their personal businesses. Lord, make them to use their talent and position to serve you.
  5. Pray for your Priests and Pastors for self-sacrifice. Lord, give them the grace to do your will

Exercise:  In whatever way your profession is hurting God, make amends today.

Memory Verse:  Genesis 22:15-16