Scripture Reading: Jeremiah1:4-10,17-19.

Beloved, today, I believe that God is set to encourage and to also challenge those of us who are overwhelmed with the depth of our weaknesses and incapacitations. He seeks to open our eyes to a truth that is hidden from most of us, especially in the face of imposing responsibilities. “A truth which if we can discover will bring us to a perfect rest of mind no matter the turbulence we meet.”

Oftentimes, we get discouraged, downcast, demoralized, and dispirited when we consider the immensity of the task that faces us in life. In our place of work, family, business, neighborhood, church and schools, responsibilities that we must give attention to, sometimes appear to be more than we can handle.

Life challenges always have a way or another to get us to such a point where we are unable to live out for God or even perform certain social-economic functions, also, relationships and family demands always seems to tear our emotions to pieces. We often get to that point when we begin to feel incompetent, and ill-equipped for the task that thrusts itself upon us. And at such times we know without any doubt that we can’t go on. The fear of failure and that we will end in defeat fills our minds, and all we want to do is quit.

Beloved, what do you do at this point?  What to do is to face the mountains with this understanding: God is with me, I am not alone!

1Corinthians10:13, tells us that no challenge comes to a child of God without him being equipped to handle it. God knows what we are made of; our frame is not hidden to Him. He remembers we are weak. And so He says to us, as He said to Jeremiah, “I am with you to rescue you, JUST GO!”

Beloved, the Lord wants us to know this more than anything else: He will never abandon us to face our challenges alone. It is essential to know that we must face these mountainous tasks as long as we desire to be relevant in God’s purpose. Oppositions and persecutions will confront you as long as you  live out your Christian faith, Yet, in our scriptural reference today, He tells us that He has set us over those seemly overwhelming situations. Beloved, we are to confront them with the mindset to knock them down and to overthrow them. And even as we do so, we are to be assured of this one thing: God is at my side, nothing can shake me.  “Give me your confidence, to trust my God-given capabilities. Help me with each task at hand, guide me through its completion.” This is part of the beautiful prayer for confidence in the Catholic Guide. It is not by our self-confidence we are expected to face those moments but rather with His confidence which He gives readily to all who ask. We do not face our responsibilities by ourselves, or with our strength and wisdom but rather with the strength and wisdom of the One who is the All-Powerful and who is the Fountain of Wisdom and who never fails.

MASS:  GREEN Gen 2: 18-25; Ps 128: 1-2. 3. 4-5; Mk 7: 24-30

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank the Lord for your life.
  2. Thank Him for His constant help in times of trouble.
  3. 3 Pray that the Lord open’s your understanding to know you are not alone.
  4. Pray the “Prayer of Confidence in the Lord”.

Exercise: Take some time to pray with Psalms 46.

Meditation: Jeremiah1:8