Scripture Reading: Psalm 86:1 – 17

A Reverend Sister was the eldest child of her family. At age fourteen, she was already recognised as a book­worm, and obviously a bright future ahead. However, at this time her mother developed labour pains when she was taking delivery of her seventh child. Consequent on this delivery, she bleed so much and all attempts to stop it medically proved abortive. The bleeding persisted, her mother’s condition deteriorated and everyone including her father was in panic and confusion. She thought to herself, “Will my mother die? Who shall take care of my siblings, and what shall become of my father, very much attached to my mother?”It was difficult to accept this nightmare to her and the entire family. Being a bookworm and intelligent, the consequence of her mother’s death would mean to drop out and look after her siblings. All these thought led her to cry to the Lord. She prayed, “Lord, please save my mother”. She recited the Memorare again and again. She told the Lord, “I thought that you would listen to us, that you were somebody who cared”. She was desperate but continued praying even when at a stage she became blank. She would say, “Lord you have to save my mother, Lord! We have no one else to go to”. Miraculously the bleeding stopped and her mother was saved.

A story was told of a girl who started menstruating before she was sixteen years of age. This menstrual flow was not normal as it never stopped, but (lowed every day of the year. She tried all medical remedies, but to no avail. Every day she wore sanitary pad on her and this made any possible relationship to be terminated as soon as she confided in the prospective suitor of her challenge. At the University, she kept her condition away from all her associates (roommate and friends); except that she was always in the habit of asking for sanitary pads whenever hers got exhausted. However, she never relented in calling on God to intervene in her situation. God heard her prayer after her National Youth Service. The Suitor that came to her said, “I love you, and whatever may be the challenge you arc having, now, both of us shall bring it together to God until he answers us”. The bleeding ceased the very night they retired to the hotel for their honey moon after their wedding.

Beloved in Christ, what is it that is causing sleepless nights for you? What is making you panicky and confused? Hear these testimonies from Users of Daily Strength: “I have kidney problem, but as I read through Daily Strength in fasting and prayers, meditating on the prayer point No. 5 of the reflection of 22″‘ May 2015, I was totally healed”. Hear this: “I am a Daily Strength User from Lagos. 1 was demoted in my place of work. Someone introduced Daily Strength to me, and I started using it. Surprisingly, with thanks to Almighty God, our Headmaster called and handed over my position to me.” On the 8/6/2015, a sister sent this message to me, “Join me in thanking God for successful delivery even when doctors said I have fibroid, which is so large and badly positioned that delivery was impossible. As I joined in the January fasting and prayers, God answered my prayers, healed me and 1 delivered my baby, peacefully without any complication. (Mrs. F.)


Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song as you are led
  2. What is the challenge making you have sleepless nights (pray, bring them to the Lord one after the other)
  3. Lord, standing on your word that says,

“The Lord watches over the righteous and listens to their cries” (Psalm 34:15) hear and answer me O Lord

  1. Your word says, “Even lions go hungry for lack of food but those who obey the Lord lack nothing” (Psalm 34:10) I decree therefore that I shall never lack anything good in Jesus name Amen
  2. Lord, as we approach the end of the year prepare me physically and spiritually to be part of the January 2016 prayer and fasting programme in Jesus name
  3. Pray for the one-day fasting scheduled for tomorrow 18/12/2015. Pray to be part of it.

Exercise: Pray the Holy Rosary twice today

Memory Verse: Psalm 8