Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 1:4

It is easy to give up praying if God does not answer our prayers right away. Jesus knew that we were prone to become discouraged, so He told the story in Luke 18:1-8. Luke 18:1 says “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Vern Sheridan Poythress wrote “Have you felt despair because there seemed to be absolutely nothing you could do, after praying for a need over time? “Just give up,” the Devil tempts us. “Curse God and die!” Job’s wife says. Jesus understands how despair may sometimes grip us like an iron vise.” Notwithstanding the temptation that urges us to give up prayer and fasting Jesus says to us “they should always pray and not give up.” The Widow got her request granted her because she kept knocking, she kept seeking, she kept looking for, she refused to give up. At the beginning of the year Daily Strength Devotional called us to a 21-day fasting and prayer to commit the year into God’s hand. From the testimonies that are coming in, God really answers prayers, even difficult and humanly impossible cases were solved by God. Barren wombs were opened and blessed, sickness and diseases of various kinds and intensities were healed, evil foundations and evil family pattern were purified by the fire of God, lukewarm and backslidden Christians were revived, those looking for life partners blessed their marriages, financial breakthrough and doors of financial opportunities were granted to many. Indeed great are the miracles God performs in the lives of many when we fast and pray as a spiritual family. Yet we know that there are still a lot to depend on God for. There are sinners to be converted, there are still sins to be overcome, there are still wombs to be opened, there are still sickness to be healed, there are still captives to be delivered, there are still financial doors to be opened, there still educational, emotional, spiritual, security challenges yet to be consummated. Yet in all these we are not discourage, we will not give up praying. The code is P.U.S.H: Pray until Something Happens.”
When God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, that did not end all the challenges for them, they were still many challenges ahead to be overcome. One of the challenges was the Amalekites that fought with the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land. A lot of prophetic declarations were uttered on you by various ministers of God during the round off of the 21-day fast. Some persons have seen them manifested in their lives, their spiritual Amalekites that were bent on stopping them from experiencing the fulfillments of those declarations have been destroyed.. Like Moses we are going on the hill top to fast and pray with our victorious hands lifted up towards heaven.
So Daily Strength Devotional calls all her users to 5-day mid-year fasting and prayer starting tomorrow 26th to 30th June, 2017. We must prevail over all the forces of darkness in the name of Jesus. we must prevail in fasting and prayer, beloved, the widow in Luke 18 got her prayers answered because she refused to give up, a lot of battles will be won if we persist in fasting and prayer. This 5-day mid-year fasting and prayer starting tomorrow is our own way of persisting, it is our way of knocking down the Amalekites trying to stop us from possessing our possession, it is our way of not giving up praying. Like Nehemiah let us cry “Remember me … my God, and show mercy to me according to your great love.” (Nehemiah 13:22). When we pray, we know that God controls the world, loves us, and promises to work in and through us. We trust that God will bring glory out of terrible situations, because He alone can do it.

MASS: GREEN Jer 20:10-13;Ps 69:7- (R.13c) Rom 5:12-15; Accl. Jn 15:26b.27a; Mt 10:26-33 TWELFTH SUNDAY OF THE YEAR (A)

Prayer points:
1. Thank God for calling you to another fasting and prayer
2. Thank God for His miracles and all His blessing on all Daily Strength Devotional Users
3. Ask God to forgive as many that are discouraged from praying as result of seeming lack of result from their previous fasting and prayer
4. Tell God to strengthen all Users of Daily Strength Devotional physically and spiritual to join in this year’s 5-day mid-year fasting and prayer using yourself as point of contact
5. Tell God to renew your mind and heart to serve Him as He wants during this 5-day mid-year fasting and prayer
6. Prayer against all evil forms of attack against Daily Strength Devotional
7. Pray for others intentions as the Spirit directs you

Exercise: Take the Rosary of Divine Mercy as you prepare for the fast starting tomorrow 26th June 2017

Meditation: Exodus 17:8-15