Scripture Reading: John 13: 14 -15

Saint Francis of Assisi was a very great man and teacher of the Gospel. When he was about to die, he gathered his small band of brothers to his bedside. He placed his hand on each of them and said: “Farewell, all my sons, and may you remain in the Lord always.” After blessing all of them, he said: “I have done what was mine to do. May Christ teach you what you are to do.” Nice prayers and blessings! These must have been presided by admonitions to follow the examples he had laid for them.

Similarly, in the classroom, a good teacher wants his or her students to understand and assimilate what is being taught by the use of practical and convincing examples. Teachers who do not give many examples while teaching are, in most cases, not understood by the students. So, that brings to limelight the need for examples. At least, the example from the teacher will be a quick reminder to the students of what has been taught. Oftentimes really, students quickly learn some practical examples given, and to show how impacted they were through that, they go home and practice it consciously or unconsciously.

Jesus the greatest Teacher, says that He has given us an example to follow and succeed. The examples of Jesus are seen in His lifestyle. Although He is God, yet He had to humble Himself to come and die for our sins. And in the course of doing that, He taught us about His Father, asking us to emulate Him. Are there any examples of Jesus you have taken in order to make it part of you? Obviously, there were so many he set for us and we must learn all of them, not just one. Not only learning is our duty, but putting them into practice. That distinguishes you from the others who do not believe in Him, and as well, incontrovertibly confirms you a true Christian. Love your neighbor always, forgive others, and avoid sin or anything that will grieve God; help the poor, and in fact, do those things that will be acceptable by God. When you do so, you are truly following His examples and that will make Him happy like a successful teacher whose students have all passed well.  Hear Martin Luther, “In His life, Christ is an Example, showing us how to live; in His death, He is a Sacrifice, satisfying our sins; in His resurrection, a Conqueror; in His ascension, a King; in His intercession, a High Priest.”

Jesus Christ has already laid a solid foundation of righteousness for all men to follow through all the ages until the end eventually comes. The ultimate purpose of the Christian worship, therefore, becomes the imitation of Christ and His earthly and “wordy” examples. Little wonder Paul admonished his listeners saying, “Imitate me, just like I have imitated Christ”. What it suggests to our minds is that more than anything else, the imitation of Christ is the beginning of Christianity.

MASS: WHITE Acts 14:5-18; Ps 115:1-2.3-4.15-16 (R. 1ab); Accl. Jn 14:26; Jn 14:21-26

Prayer Points:

  1. Awesome is Your name O Lord. Thank You for this day You have made.
  2. Help me to remember You in all the things that I set to do.
  3. Only You are perfect in all Your ways. I ask for the grace to plant my feet in Your steps and follow you till You come again. Amen.
  4. Lord teach me the act of contemplation so that I may be able to seek God, to find Him, to feel His sacred touch in my soul and be united with Him and enjoy him. (Archbishop Ulathorne)
  5. Give me the grace O Lord to live according to the spirit and act according to the virtue that are in the spirit, and not according to the sense and sentiments which are in the flesh. (St. Francis de Sales)

Exercise: Search the Scriptures every day and read about Jesus Christ. Learn to do just what He did.

Meditation: 1 Cor. 10:6