Scripture Reading: Psalm 27:13

As we come to feed from the table of God’s word through today’s devotional, we are reminded that we are a people of hope, we are optimistic. No matter the darkness around us now we are certain that light shall triumph. To live is to be hopeful, so a hopeless person is dead. According to Ecclesiastes 9:4-5 “But whoever is joined with all the living has hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion.” For no one can live a meaningful life without an assurance of hope. Hope is the theological virtue that sustains courage and determination. To hope means to reject despair no matter how hopeless the case may be, it means to be open and positive about the future. You cannot be a Christian without having hope, not just hope for the worst but hope for goodness of God. According to Walter Cardinal Kasper “I am a man of hope because am a Christian.

Cardinal Leon Suenens was once asked, “Why are you a man of hope? in response, he said, “Because I believe that God is born anew each morning. Because I believe, that God is creating the world at this very moment. God did not create it at a distant and long forgotten moment in time. It is happening now: we must be ready therefore to expect the unexpected from God. The ways of providence are by nature surprising. God, is here, near us, unforeseeable and loving. I am a man of hope, not for human reasons nor from any natural optimism. But because I believe the Holy Spirit is at work in the Church and in the world, even where God’s name remains unheard. I am an optimist because I believe the Holy Spirit is the spirit of creation. To those who welcome the Holy Spirit, God gives each day fresh liberty, renewed joy and trust. The long history of the Church is filled with the wonders of the Holy Spirit. Think only of the prophets and saints, who, in times of darkness, have discovered the spring of grace and shed beams of light on our path. I believe in the surprises of the Holy Spirit. John XXIII came as a surprise, and the Council, too. They were the last things we expected. Who would dare to say that the love and imagination of God were exhausted? To hope is a duty, not a luxury. To hope is not a dream, but to turn dreams into reality. Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. ”

Dear friend, life may be difficult right now, no job, business is not going well, no salary, no food, no health; in all these remain hopeful that you shall see God’s goodness as you struggle for a better life. The psalmist says in Psalm 71:14; “But as for me, I will always have hope…” Hear St. Paul in Romans 8:24, “For it was by hope we were saved; but if we see what we hope for then it is not really hope…”

Prayer point:

  1. Thank the Lord for this message of hope
  2. Ask God for mercy for the times you have being discouraged, faithless, hopeless and impatient.
  3. Take this prayer: Loving Father, I surrender to You now all the problems and challenges that threatens my hope. I resign from taking control over my life and I submit to You full ownership and control henceforth. I place in Your altar all these things that have been giving me weakness, defeat, failure, lack, and hopelessness. Revive me once again to hope, trust, love, and be joyful and peaceful once again and to rest in Your love, presence and glory. I choose to hope and I choose life and You. I believe that You can best solve all these worries, anxieties, problems, and pains without my help. Take charge, take over, take control, take care of me. I love You, Lord with my entire being. Show me the way out of my despair. I put all of my trust in You. Fulfill your word and confirm my faith that I am confident that I shall see your goodness in every aspect of my life- in Jesus Name- A men
  4. Prayer for all those who have given up hope in life that God will restore life and hope to them
  5. Thank God for prayer answers

Exercise: Keep on believing, hoping, praying, and working

Memory Verse: Romans 5:5