Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 1:1-13

That we are alive to see this beautiful day is the greatest miracle and a manifestation of God’s love upon our lives. However today, the Holy Spirit who searches and knows all secrets of life, all hidden and exposed arrows, calls us to one day of fasting to be rounded off individually with a vigil starting by 12 midnight. In Lamentations 2:18 – 19, the scripture says, “O Jerusalem (name), let your very walls (heart) cry out to the Lord! Let your tears flow like rivers night and day; wear yourself out with weeping and grief. All through the night get up again and again to cry out to the Lord; pour out your heart and beg him for mercy on your children – children starving to death on every street corner.”

Hear this: “One day, after they had finished their meal in the house of the Lord at Shiloh, Hannah got up. She was deeply distressed, and she cried bitterly as she prayed to the Lord”

(1 Sam. 1:9-10). As I put pen on paper for this day’s reflection, I feel deep down in my spirit that there are believers in very difficult situations that only God of heaven can console them. This is why the Holy Spirit using the words of Jeremiah in Lamentations 2:18 – 19, call us to pray in tears; perhaps the Lord who saw the tears of Hannah would sec ours and acquit us from the captivity of the oppressors. Share this lamentation: “I voluntarily retired effective 3 V December 2014 from active service after working for 33 year with a commercial bank” (name withheld). My retirement is supposed to be under an earlier retirement incentive scheme as stipulated in the staff manual which is our terms and conditions of service; but contrary to my expectation the bank denied me this privilege under the pretense that the window’ for such incentive has closed, while at the same time treated some other of my colleagues differently by paying them their incentives. This is a terrible situation and this child of God is in distress and confusion. The powers of darkness have opened windows and doors of backwardness, stagnation, poverty and pain against their victims. There are many believers who have been branded all sorts of names and even falsely accused of doing things, which are untrue. Some are facing breakdown in their marriages because of their inability to have children. Some widows have been denied access to their husband’s properties by relatives of the deceased. Some others have been unjustly and forcefully sacked from their jobs without any plan to pay the entitlements. Many parents are battling under the weight of feeding and providing for their children who though, have graduated are unemployed. Some are down with diabetes, stroke, liver, kidney or heart challenges, while some girls are at the verge of losing their minds because suitors are not coming. Beloved in Christ, the list is endless and there is groaning and great pain in the land. Hannah, in her great distress cried for days and nights and even years. She bore the full pain of mockery and insults as she waited patiently for the Lord to answer her prayers. On this fateful day, she made a solemn covenant with the Lord and said: “Almighty Lord, look at me your servant! See my trouble and remember me! Do not forget me! If you give me a son, I promise that I will dedicate him to you for his whole life and that he w ill never have his hair cut”.

Dear User of Daily Strength, it is time now’ for you to rise up from your comfort zone (couch) and request for the outstretched hand of God to raise you from where you are now to where He wants you to be. Let us pray.

Prayer Points:

  1. Meditate and pray with the following: Ps.113:9; Isa. 65:24; lPt. 3:12; James 3:12
  1. I decree that I am redeemed from the curse of the law (Gal. 3:13)
  2. I break all generational curses of pride, lust, perversion, rebellion, witchcraft, idolatry, poverty, rejection, fear, confusion, addiction, death and destruction in the name of Jesus Christ
  3. I command all generation problems that came into my life during conception, in the womb, in the birth canal and through the umbilical cord to come out in the name of Jesus Christ
  4. I break all spoken curses and negative words that 1 have spoken over my life in the name of Jesus
  5. I break all spoken curses and negative words spoken over my life by others including those in authority in the name of Jesus Christ
  6. Father, 1 come to you naked as you created me; 1 come to you just as I am in tears, that you may answer me in these areas of my life (mention them)
  7. Lord, remember your child in our reflection; come to his aid and all others who are suffering discrimination
  8. Now’, by the power in your name, I close all evil doors and windows opened against me and my family in Jesus name
  9. Now by the power in your name I command all divine windows and doors of opportunity to open for me
  10. Pray for the success of the 21-day fasting and prayers, which starts 6th to 29″’ January 2016.

Exercise: Anoint yourself after prayer.

Memory Verse: Isaiah 49:26