Scripture Reading: Luke14:26-35

Let’s start today’s reflection in these words, “This is the highest wisdom: to despise the world and to tend to the kingdom of heaven.” (The Imitation of Christ, Bk. 1, 1, 3) Scattered through the Scriptures are invitations of different kinds. There are open invitations, special invitations, and unique invitations to anyone who cares enough to give attention to them. Calls to a deeper fellowship with God, higher calling in Christ, special consecrations, etc., are there in almost every chapter of every book of the Bible. Our Father is not selective of whom He invites to Himself. His invitations are addressed thus; “whosoever will, may come.” The call of the Father, although general and to no particular social, economic or even religious class, is meant to make anyone who responds to it one thing; to become like Jesus.
So many of us are desirous to heed to the call of the Master and to be like Jesus in all things. In spirit, in character, in temperament, in faith, in the demonstration of power and authority, we as believers desire to be like Jesus. However, as stated in the scriptural reference, even though the invitation is open, there are certain costs and demands to be fulfilled by those who would answer to it, and very few are able to do them.
Becoming a disciple of Jesus has a price; everything you own, including your very life. In Matthew13:44-46, Jesus gave us two very strong parables that best illustrates the cost of becoming a follower of Christ. Two men sold all they had, just to purchase an invaluable treasure they found. To these men, the treasure is worth more than all they had labored for years. Beloved, to become like Jesus, to become a one whom the King can confidently use as a soldier in His battle against evil, to be a steward that God will entrust His eternal treasures to, therefore, we must be men and women who are totally detached to everything and wholly given to Him. He must be our first priority and consideration. Anything that stands before God in our heart is a rival. Any affection that has not been submitted to the scrutiny and supervision of the Lord is a rival to Him in our heart, and God will not tolerate such.
Oftentimes a believer may be in a relationship, or a business, or may adhere to certain lifestyles or fashion that does not glorify God and still thinks that his service, offering, tithe and all such, is acceptable to God. Child of God do not be deceived, “to obey is better than sacrifice, and to harken than the fat of rams.” The Lord speaks emphatically that He will not have even 99% of those who choose to follow Him, He demands their all. It is Jesus’ demand that whoever will follow Him, will follow Him totally without any reserve.
Everything that pertains to life; every pleasure, ambition, conviction, lifestyle, relationship and such must be submitted to Him. Just as the saying goes, “If He is not Lord of all, then He is not Lord at all.” Anything in our lives that the Lord does not have full control and say over, automatically disqualifies us from those eligible to be called followers of Christ. Nothing must come between us and the Savior, if indeed we will follow Him.
It is a hard and difficult road and oftentimes, a very lonely journey, yet for those who will endure to the end there awaits an exceeding weight of glory. It should give any serious believer seeking to make it in his walk with the Lord, concern and need to re-evaluate his life, whenever he considers Luke13:24. Indeed many are invited but only few will be able to endure the conditions required to enter. Beloved, is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid? Is Christ Lord over all that concerns your life? What is that which you cannot give up for the sake of Christ?

MASS: WHITE Acts 17; 15.22-18:1; Ps 148:1-2.11-12.13-14; Accl. Jn 14-16; Jn 16:12-15

Prayer Points:
1. Father, I beseech You to take away every attachment that hinders my relationship with You in Jesus name.
2. I submit every relationship at Your feet. Give me the grace to give up anything that displaces You in my heart.
3. Jesus, I invite You once again to be Lord over all that concerns me and grant me the grace to truly abide in You.
4. Pray for the Church and the leaders that they may be truthful to their calling, rejecting the world and its attractions.

Exercise: Take the prayer of “Self Consecration to God” twice today. Visit the Blessed Sacrament.

Meditation: Philippians 3:8