To have a spirit-filled and fruitful fasting period, the following should be noted and adhered to

  1. The Fasting commences on the 4th – 27th of January, 2022 (Excluding Sundays 9th, 16th & 23th)
  2. The expected duration of the fasting is 6.00am to 6.00pm, however, individuals are free to break at their convenience. Fast according to your strength, health and preference.
  3. All participants should book A 3-DAY MASS,
    for their 21-day fasting and prayer intentions
  4. All Participants must take the 21-DAYS FASTING AND PRAYER DAILY PRAYERS
    in DSD SECTION B every day of the 21-days.
  5. Daily Strength prayers during the 21-day fast are not limited to the prayer points provided in DSD, you are required to pray beyond the prayer points given in DSD. Pray as you are inspired by the reflection of the day and based on the burden of prayer put in you by the Holy Spirit.
  6. SEED SOWING: As part of our faith and
    charitable exercise during our Annual 21 days fasting, is the seed sowing of a minimum of NGN1,050. To sow seed is an expression of faith and a sure sign of expectation of harvest. All participants in these 21 days fasting is expected to sow the seed offering in faith (minimum of NGN1,050).
  7. WHY A MINIMUM OF N1,050? As it is part of our 21-day fasting and prayer commitment to sow a seed in faith and generosity. Daily Strength Devotional users/participants of the 21-day fasting and prayer are to sow a seed offering of a minimum of N1050. In the spirit of sacrifice, almsgiving and faith, all DSD users are expected to sacrifice at least N50 daily from the food we are giving up in the Spiritual exercise of fasting, which will amount to the minimum of NGN1050 for the 21-Day. However, you are encouraged to offer/sow more than NGN1050, according to your means. Your seed is a reflection of your faith, your expectation of harvest and the resources God has blessed you with.
  8. We are to organize and observe DSD users’ thanksgiving to thank God for the blessings and grace received during the 21-day fasting and prayer programme on Sunday 30th of January, 2022 in our Parishes and Dioceses, do book with our catechist/parish office beforehand.
  9. QUIET TIME: Our 21-day fasting and prayer programme has both community and personal dimensions. Its personal dimension involves having a covenanted quiet time with God. So, each participant should observe at least 30 minutes of quiet time daily preferably before the Blessed Sacrament or privately. During this covenanted quiet time, you are to study the scripture passage of the day, meditate on it and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you through it. Then use the message of the day to pray, let your prayer points or requests be inspired by the word of God
  10. All Participants in the 21-day should endeavour to join other DSD Users in any round-off centre closest to you, to round-off the 21-day fast. Check inner back cover for more details.

Father, I sanctify my seed in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Father, I soak this seed under the agreement of the Blood of Jesus. Father, let this seed speaks mercy into my life, in the name of Jesus. Father, let this seed yield great dividends of your blessings in my life, in the Name of Jesus. Father, as I sow this seed into your kingdom of God, (Mention the amount) through DSD, O God, as I support your work today, I shall not regret it, in the Name of Jesus. Every covenant of sowing without reaping, be broken, in the Name of Jesus. Purify my heart dear Lord, help me to give whole heartedly and with a free mind, help me to trust in You that You are able to supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory through Christ Jesus.


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