Scripture Reading:  James 3:1-12

 The Song Writer in Catholic hymn book no. 66 says in the chorus, “All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above. Then thank the Lord For all His love”.  One of such gifts is the tongue.  One of the greatest wonders of God’s creation is the tongue and its power.  With the tongue God made us partner in His creative mission so that we have a role to play. Before Adam fell from grace, he had mighty powers and one of the ways he manifested it, was to name all the animals and the birds. (Genesis 2:20a) “So the man named all the birds and all the animals…”  Adam’s tongue therefore became an instrument deployed by God to complete the work of creation.  Dear child of God do you know that today the devil has corrupted the use and the power of our tongue?  Verse 6b states, “…… It sets on fire the entire course of our existence with the fire that comes to it from hell itself.”  When the devil influences or uses our tongue the result is bound to be destructive that is why fire is being used to show the extent of damage that can happen spiritually and physically with the tongue.  The Lord is asking you today, to what use do you put your tongue?  The devil often gives a proposal to cause destruction and he does that by making use of the tongue.  We will be able to overcome the influence of the tongue if we heed  to what Ephesians 4:29 says, “Do not use harmful words, but only helpful words, the kind that build up and provide what is needed, so that what you say will do good to those who hear you.”  Let the words of your mouth be soothing, let it bring succour to ears that hear it.  Pope Francis describes this times as fearful, let us not worsen it by the words of our mouth.    So many homes are broken today because of the words of asunder that were unleashed by the tongues.  Some people have ended their lives because of what people said to them. Some wicked people have stopped the good things coming to their fellow human beings because of what they have said.   The tongue can lead us to hell, if we continue to make wrong use of it against our brothers and sisters.  Matthew advises us of risking eternal life if we do not watch what we say thus, “…. Whosoever calls his brother a worthless fool will be in danger of going to the fire of hell.” (Matthew 5:22)

Beloved in Christ, do not use your mouth to run down a fellow child of God.  Do not reduce your fellow human being to a heap of rubbish.  Some people go to the extent of unjustly tarnishing the images of their fellow men even in the media.  Desist from such actions because much of the harm you do to your fellow human being  by wrong comments discredits God’s work that He completed and says, “everything is good”.   God will never give you credit for bringing down the reputation of anyone.  Do not be so tempted.  Dear Child of God, the good Lord also wants us to flee from the spirit of Jabez’s mother.  The scripture advises us to flee from cursing our children even under pain and provocation.  There is always this provocation from children which leads parents to make such comments as this, “what you do to me, your children will do it to you.”  A true life story was told of a man who used to beat his father, the father eventually cursed him.  When he got his own child, his child treated him exactly the same way. When people who knew the days of this young man came across and witnessed how mercilessly this man is been beaten up by his child, they would tell him, this was exactly what you were doing to your father.” We must not use our tongues to glorify the devil.  Tomorrow, we shall continue.

Prayer Points:

  1. Lord, forgive me for misusing the gift of my tongue, for all those who I have verbally affected or tortured or even caused their death or down fall, I sincerely ask for pardon.
  2. Take the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, meditatively.

Exercise:  From now on, even under terrible hurt and provocation, stop using bad or cursing words.

Memory Verse: Matthew 12:36-37.