Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 10:18-21

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit taught us how destructive the tongue can be when it is wrongly used.  Today the Holy Spirit reveals to us the various types of tongues we should desist from.

The Proud Tongue: The Lord shall cut of all proud tongues.  A proud tongue when found among Christians is usually very horrible, because they talk more about themselves and less of our Lord Jesus.  It is even more rampant now among “self-acclaimed miracle workers.”

The Flattering Tongue:  In their mouth, there is no faithfulness.  Deep down wickedness is seated in their heart.  Flattering tongue is one of the characteristics of the wicked.  They often say opposite of what is on ground.  Avoid this because if you are known to be a flatterer, you will soon lose your worth before men.  All that you will hearing is, “do not mind that praise-singer.

The Cursing Tongue:  The Bible tells us that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  The heart full of bitterness produces a cursing tongue. For tongues used often to curse rather than to bless, the Psalmist describes what their fate will be: “He loved to curse – may he be cursed!  He hated to give blessings – may no one bless him.”(Psalm 109:17)  Pronouncing curse even in pain should be avoided.  St John of the Cross says that when someone offends you badly, rather than curse the person remember the pains of Jesus Christ on the Cross and your pain will be subsided.

The Backbiting Tongue:  A backbiting tongue talks ill of people in their absence often times to win favour.  When found among Christians, they go about sowing seeds of discord, poisoning the minds of people. Proverbs 6:19 describes people like this as, “A man who stirs up trouble among friends.”  They backbite even their priests, pastors, in fact everybody.  According to Romans 1:30, they go about speaking evil of people.

The Tale-bearing Tongue:  People with this type of tongue carry information about people’s wellbeing and success to the hearing of those with evil intentions and satanic agents. They (the evil ones) can use the information they get about people’s success, progress and wellbeing to cause afflictions to them.  Leviticus 19:16 condemns this habit in its entirety thus, “You shall not go about as a talebearer among your people, nor shall you take a stand against the life of your neighbor.  I am the Lord.” Piercing Tongue:  This type of tongue utters comments not backed by grace.  These words act like a sword that pierces the heart.  This type of tongue can hardly convert souls to Christ because they crucify people with their tongues.

The Nagging Tongue:  Proverb 21:9 tells us this, “Better to live on the roof than share the house with a nagging wife.”  If you are a person who nags, it will mean hell living around you.  Avoid picking offence at any little provocation.  Desist from being a fault-finder.

The Overused Tongue: Too much of talk is not any act of smartness.  Against using too many words, Ecclesiastes warns, “The more you talk, the more likely you are to say something foolish.” Have a blessed tongue and speak only when you have something edifying to say.

Prayer Point:

  1. O Lord, help to dedicate my tongue to you.  From this day forward, let my tongue become an altar of praise to You.  Restrain my tongue from foul talks, cursing, and flippancy.  Let every word of my mouth be backed by grace.  Make my mouth the carrier of the Good News of Christ. I make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.
  2. Pray for those who have been cursed because of what their tongues have caused, that they will have a change of heart and that the good Lord will deliver them from such curse.

Exercise:  Make a commitment today never to use your tongue to say anything that will give Satan glory.

Memory Verse: James 3:2