Scripture Reading: Zechariah 3:1-7

Child of God, today the Holy Spirit, leads us into an area that sometimes gets us confused. Some years ago we joined a sister who was having an issue with late marriage. She told us that no man had ever shown interest in her as a woman. It was shocking to hear. We eventually booked her for prayer ministration. While we were praying, the sister’s countenance changed and she began to pray violently. As she prayed, she wept and shed tears. All of a sudden, she burst into tongues. Sensing that something was going on in the spirit realm, we joined her in line of that prayer. When she calmed down, we asked her why she prayed the way she did? She told us that while we were praying, her eyes suddenly opened, and she saw an angel of the Lord with a sword in his hand. She said that the angel flew down to her town, then to her family compound. She said that when the angel got to her family compound, she noticed that there was a gate standing before her family gate, which the angel broke down and then moved into the compound dug something out from the ground and the vision disappeared. She told us that physically there was no such gate. We then understood that, that was a spiritual gate the devil had used in locking up the destiny of that family, A few months later, this sister got married. You now understand why I said that today the Holy Spirit is leading us into an area that sometimes gets us confused. What we are dealing with here is the spiritual world and the physical world. The two are connected and the two hold our pasts in them. Nothing comes out of nothing. Only God came out of nothing. Every other thing comes out of something. In other words, nothing manifests physically without spiritual cause. We are all connected to our past, just as we are connected to our present. Our past can affect our present and our future positively or negatively, just like the sister in this true life story until the merciful God intervened in her life. Like the High Priest Joshua, who had served God all his life, but spiritually found himself wearing filthy clothes, and the devil standing beside him ready to bring accusation against him. But then the angel of God intervened and rebuked Satan.

Maybe the past is hunting you child of God, and have been groaning under the pains of the sins or mistakes of the past. The Holy Spirit is reminding you today that you can be set free. The past hunting you may not necessarily be as a result of your past sins or personal mistakes; but as a result of the sins and mistakes of your forefathers. Some of them entered into covenants and pacts with the devil, most times without knowing the implications. Some of them made charms and say to it, “Protect me and my children, and my children’s children.” As it were, they had good intentions, but today, ‘how good arc those intentions to their children? Charms may rot away, but the familiar spirits that are behind them don’t. These evil familiar spirits rise against the family members for refusing to give them the worship they enjoyed from their forefathers. However, be assured then that the mercy of God is still flowing freely to set you free.


Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for today’s revelation of His word.
  2. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you anything in your past that may be hunting you.
  3. Enter into intense warfare prayer now and command anything in your past that is hunting you to start manifesting themselves. (Take this prayer seriously for at least 10-15 minutes.)
  4. As you discern anything strange about in your past, begin to command them to catch fire and be destroyed in the Mighty name of Jesus.
  5. Pray and separate yourself from any covenant or agreement entered knowingly or unknowingly with the devil.
  6. Pray and separate yourself from any soul tie with anyone that is living in union with satanic mandate.

Exercise: Take these prayers for 7 days and observe your dreams. If there is anything, meet any true minister of God and share with him or her for more prayers.

Memory Verse: Psalm 125:3