Scripture Reading: John 16:20-22

Welcome dear friends to today’s devotional. Weep not child of God for weeping and tears can only endure for the night. The world may cause you pains and agony but all this fades away at the dawn of the morning as the rays of the sun shine all over the place. A song writer Jim Reeves wrote in his song, “This world is not my home I am just passing through.” As a child of God, you should be able to see the finger of God in all that happens to you. It gladdens and sweetens the heart of the wicked world to see you pass through agony and pains. So they hold sleepless night and do not relent in their evil plans to torment, afflict and make your heart jump out of your mouth. Hear this heart breaking story. A jovial and promising young man, born into a large family (polygamous family), got a lucrative job in one of the well established companies in Lagos. He was the only son of the mother. He got married and not long after the marriage, the wife became pregnant. One day, one of the mother’s mates celebrated a birthday for her daughter and invited the young man and his wife and other members of the large family and friends to celebrate with her daughter. The man’s wife was asked to join in the service of the guests. While service was on, another lady served the young man with a plate of pepper soup towards the end of the celebration as directed by the mother of the celebrant. A short while after taking the pepper soup, the young man started complaining of stomach ache and began to vomit so seriously, slumped and was rushed to the hospital. As the young man slumped, the celebration came to an abrupt end. He died before getting to the hospital. The pregnant wife could not be controlled and comforted. The mother of the dead man lost her senses due to much weeping as he was the only son of her marriage. Much later after the death of the young man, the mother of the celebrant secretly revealed to a family friend how she arranged the celebration in order to destroy the life of the young man due to envy. What a wicked world! While people were crying and weeping in the physical, there was rejoicing and dancing in the spiritual realm.

Our scripture reference today says: “I am telling you the truth, you will cry and weep, but the world will be glad; you will be sad, but your sadness will turn into gladness. That is how it is with you; now you are sad, but I will see you again and your hearts will be filled with gladness, the kind of gladness that no one can take away from you”. (John 16: 20, 22).  The deceased young man in our story was hated by the wicked world because they have seen his star shinning brighter and the only way to perpetuate their wicked act was to sow the evil seed of death in his life and cause weeping and sorrow to his dear ones. But hear Maccabees: “Don’t be afraid of the threats of a wicked man. Remember that he will die and all his splendour will end with worms feeding on his decaying body. Today he may be highly honoured, but tomorrow he will disappear; his body will return to the earth and his scheming will come to an end.” (I Maccabees 2:62-63). Scripture exposes us to the lives of the children of God who passed through torments and cry because of the wickedness of others. Sure, the world and its torments are there but they have expiry date. Their extinct gives birth to your joy and gladness. Listen to this in the life of Hannah; Peninnah, her rival, would torment and humiliate her, because the LORD had kept her childless. This went on year after year; whenever they went to the house of the LORD, Peninnah would upset Hannah so much that she would cry and refuse to eat anything. Yes, the world can make you weep, the world can cause you pains, but one thing is certain and that you will laugh last and loudest for the God you trust will give you strength and victory. Just ask him for anything in that period of torment and the Lord will surely grant your prayer. He did it for Hannah and many others; he will do much more for you. God bless you as you tell it to Jesus.

Prayer Points:

  1. What makes you cry, what makes you weep, tell it to Jesus.
  2. Your star will not be dimmed and your destiny cannot be stopped. pray
  3. Your torment and humiliation will turn to joy and celebration. Ask the Lord who is able to change your affliction to celebration.
  4. The world wants to put you to shame by their secret plans. Cancel and reject every hidden plan of the wicked against you.
  5. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of revelation. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal and scatter the plans of the world concerning you.
  6. Pray with Psalm 26:1-2

Exercise: Ask the Lord for the gift of patience and to lead you through the valley of the shadow of death.

Memory verse: Psalm 27:6