Scriptural Reading: Isaiah 3:10 

Our Scriptural reference today says, “Say to the righteous one, it is well with you.” To be righteous is to believe in and accept Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross. It simply means to have a right standing with God. While sin is a barrier between God and man, severing the Father and son relationship, God’s gift of grace draws us to Him. Yet it is impossible for man to bridge the gap created between divinity and humanity by sin. For this reason, Jesus Christ came to deal with sin once and for all (Rom. 6:10; Heb. 9:28, 10:10) and to reconcile us with the Father (2 Cor. 5:18) and into the covenantal family from which we had been severed. Thus we are able to sing, “Behold, what manner of love the Father has given unto us that we should be called the children of God.” He died for us so that our acceptance into the divine family will rely solely on the grace of God through faith. To be righteous thus implies a recognition and acceptance of what God did for us by the power of the Holy Spirit through waters of regeneration at baptism. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we are freed from sin, exorcised from evil and reconciled to God and His covenantal family. When we are redeemed by the power of the Holy Spirit, the waters of regeneration, we become righteous —this is the work of God. When this happens, you can be assured that irrespective of your life situations, it is well with you. In the midst of pain and suffering, our inner peace and joy remain intact and so we can always say, it is well. Indeed, this is what the kingdom of God is all about, “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” So, irrespective of your health condition, financial status, business status, economic status, the Holy Spirit says, “it is well with you”. The condition of our soul —our inner man —is not determined and dictated by external realities or circumstances because God has given us an indestructible spirit and a blessed assurance of his perpetual presence.

In 2 Kings 4: 8-26, the scripture records the account between Elisha and the rich woman from Shunem. Even though the woman’s son lay dead on Elisha’s bed back in her house, she had the courage to ride on the donkey to meet Elisha. When asked by Ghazi, Elisha’s servant what the problem was, her response was,  “…everything is right.” (V26b) That was a demonstration of righteousness in the Holy Ghost. In spite of some ugly happenings around her there was peace and joy from within. When in truth, we accept him, he possesses us and desires that we

give him our all. When we have truly surrendered all to him, we will be able to see him working in our favour amidst the turbulence that we face. We will truly see him working in those sad and unfortunate situations to secure our lot. Many believers today lose hope and give up on God so easily. We are too quick to say, “I can’t go on any more”. We are very poor in our patience with God and due to lack of faith, the devil often gets us off balance with little trials and temptations. When he sends us such trials and temptations, he attempts to make us feel God has abandoned us which poses a threat on our indestructible soul. Many gullible believers do oftentimes fall for such satanic tricks. Today, the Holy Spirit says to you, “it shall be well with you”. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A bent road does not mean the end of the road. If we tarry a little further things will get better. Beloved, I tell you today, it  gets better with God; with God things never go worse or get out of hand. Circumstances of life never take God unawares. And so, no matter the situation you are passing through today, I bring good news that you cannot refuse, “it shall be well with you”. Your trust in God will not go unrewarded because God is truly a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Your children will be back to school soon, you will celebrate again, you will be back to your feet again, and your health condition will stabilize again. Hold on and hold out because, “it shall be well with you”.



Rev. 4: 1-11; Ps 150: 1b-2. 3-4. 5-6; (R. Rev 4:8b); Accl Jn 15:16; Lk 19: 11-28



Prayer Points:

  1. Take the song, “When peace like a river attendeth my way……..”
  2. Thank God for the consolation in His word.
  3. Declare that it is well with you.
  4. Pray that God’s grace will not let you die in your desert experience.
  5. Pray for the grace of perseverance for all believers believing God for special favours.
  6. Commit every aspect of life for which you are believing God into God’s hands. (Be expectant.)

Exercise: Tell as many people as you can today about the blessed hope that you have in Christ.

Memory Verse: 2 Cor. 4:8