Scripture Reading: Acts 27:25

God has never promised and failed. He is the God of faithfulness. He is the ever faithful one. Even though at times, men may be quite unfaithful, God is ever faithful. The word of God is true. His promises are sure and they are “Yes and Amen”. He has never deserted any of His; neither has He cut short the expectation of any of His righteous ones. All that He has said will definitely come to pass.

In Isaiah 55:11, the scripture says, “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall be accomplished that which I propose, and succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” For God to forfeit His Word is to forfeit Himself because God is His Word.

Beloved, whatever God has destined in your life to happen will happen. Whatever God wills will be. The tempest may rage, the storm may be strong. Know that nothing can happen if God does not permit it. All you need do is to trust and rely on His promises. What God promised us is not that He will take away the storm or take us out of the storm or be with us to calm the storm.

Albert Einstein has it that, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” No matter how difficult a situation is, coming out of it you will become better for it. So, no matter what the challenge may be, we must continue to strongly hope in God for the best and never despair.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines hope in God as the confident expectation of divine blessings and the beatific vision of God. It is also the fear of offending God’s love and incurring punishment. The Catechism also maintains that, by despair man ceases to hope for his personal salvation from God, for help in attaining it or for the forgiveness of his sins (CCC no. 2090). Beloved, know that despair is contrary to God’s goodness; to His justice – for the Lord is faithful to His promises and to His mercy. Therefore you must never presume on your own capacities that you can do it rather, always turn to God for help. “For He is our helper in times of distress.” (Ps 46:1) We cannot save ourselves. That is all the more reason we must also hope in God’s almighty power and mercy to obtain our blessings.

Child of God, whatever God says will happen, and will definitely come to fulfilment. Satan does not have the power to stop you. Satan does not have the power to stop God’s divine plan for you. Have you forgotten these words of Christ which says, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me?” (Matt. 28:18) Does Satan have the authority? For sure, NO! So, why should you, a child of God, be afraid of the power of the devil? Don’t you see that it is absurd? Do you not know that He that is in you is greater than He that is in the world? (1 Jn 4:4). In all ramifications, God is not a mate or equal to Satan. God cannot say it will happen and Satan will say otherwise and it will hold. Only you have to believe in the power of God and claim your blessings in faith.

MASS: GREEN Lev 19: 1-2. 17-18; Ps 103: 1-2. 3-4. 8. 10. 12-13 (8a); 1 Cor 3: 16-23; Mt 5: 38-48 SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

Prayer Points:

  1. Begin with any worship song of your choice.
  2. Thank God for today’s word. For it is yet another opportunity to experience His Power and deliverance.
  3. Ask God for forgiveness for the many times that you have doubted His power to save and bless.
  4. Decree the word of God upon your life and family that what God has said will come to pass
  5. Decree good things for all members of the DSD family.
  6. Make decrees against all enemies of your progress that God will disarm them.

Exercise: Decree something concerning your life today in the name of Jesus Christ and it will happen.

Meditation: Eph 3:20