(Day one of the 5-day Fasting and Prayer)

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12:2

Today, as we begin this 5-day fasting and prayer, we are going to look unto our Lord Jesus Christ concerning all that trouble us. We commit the remaining months of this year 2020 into His Hand afresh. As we begin this 5-day fasting and prayer with You, we humbly lay before your Altar all that we have and all that we are. We ask your blessings on us in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Child of God, the Lord is telling you, “do not be afraid of the enemy, though he may appear strong, I have won over him! I am stronger than him! What are you afraid of?

Have you surrendered all your fears to God, knowing you cannot fight the battle alone, and that you can only win with Him by your side? Do you have faith that He is more powerful than anything and that he will always be there for you?”

Let us, turn away our eyes from all otherand look to Christ. He is the Reward as well as the Rewarder of our faith. As we look to Him we shall gain power for the fight, and victory and the crown. Our crown of glory in the year 2020 must manifest, if only we fix our concentration on our Lord Jesus Christ.

Child of God, Just as Peter could walk on the water when he fixed his gaze on our Lord Jesus Christ, we too will gain victory over the troubles and the demonic powers that are trying to sink us if only we fixed our gaze on Him. On the contrary, if we allow fear to remove our gaze from our Lord Jesus Christ, we may end up being drown like Peter was.

MASS: RED ST MATTHEW, AP & EVANGELIST (FEAST) Eph 4:1-7.11-13 Ps 19:2-3.4-5(R.5a); Gospel Mt 9:9-13

Prayer Points:

1.         O Lord, I acknowledge your supremacy over my present situation, take absolute control over all that concerns me and let me shout for Victory, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

2.         All enchantments against me this year 2020 shall fail in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

3.         Just as the eleven sheaves bowed to that of Joseph, my enemies shall bowed at last to God’s purpose for my life in this year 2020 in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

4.         I decree and declare that in the remaining days of this 2020, no good thing shall elude me anymore in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

5.         Beginning from this day, I implore the assistance of the Angels of God to open unto me every door of opportunity and breakthroughs, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

6.         Pray that God will strengthen you to participate fully in spirit and in truth in this 5-day fasting and Prayer 

Exercise: Take the prayer of Padre Pio “Stay with Me Lord”

Meditation: Hebrews 7:25