Scripture reading: Sirach 18:30-33

Admiration for earthly things is gradually making a serious impact on our lives. This trend and desire to acquire all the comfort that exist in this world is inimical to our souls. The message the Holy Spirit has for us today is to guard against satisfying the yearnings of soul with material things. Guard against using the comforts and luxuries of this world to quell your soul search for true happiness in God. If you can be satisfied with watching a football or a golf match than attending a Sunday Mass or service, there is problem. If gathering around table of beer and friends is more preferable to Sunday evening Bible study, something is wrong. If Sunday worship becomes something to be hurried without the characteristics of deep worship and prayers, then something is fundamentally going soar. Watch out dear Child of God there is danger. If your business engagement and trade does not allow you to have time to commune with God even on Sundays, just know that your soul is up for grabs by the devil. If your target is how to reach the climax of happiness through the best of phones, the most exotic car, the best of accommodation the best of food and drink, different forms of immoral activities, the best of fashion; beware that what is temporal is about to destroy what is permanent. It is not that the message of God today is against acquiring basic necessities and comforts of life. The question that begs for answer is “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul” Uncontrollable love for the things that this world offers poses a danger that could lead to the loss of one’s soul. The salvation of the soul is therefore what matters. That is why Jesus came; died and resurrected; and sent us the Holy Spirit after His departure. The danger of becoming comfortable in the world is that when such comforts are acquired there is this danger to protect and preserve it for times unending. The quest to protect what we have acquired or save our lives have led so many becoming Satan’s loyalist or crusaders. Why are so many children of God running about in confusion, why are so many people patronizing obvious magicians and witch-doctors deceitfully masquerading as Ministers of God. It is because our passions have driven us into fear of not losing what we have acquired. Let every believer be very careful that we do not miss the mark.

MASS: GREEN/WHITE Wis. 7: 22-8:1; Ps 119:; Accl Jn 15:5; Lk 17:20-25 ST. MARGARET OF SCOTLAND, MW/ GERTRUDE THE GREAT, V. (OPT MEM)

Prayer Points:

  1. Seriously pray against the spirit of earthly influence.
  2. Lord quench the inordinate desire to satisfy wordily cravings in me.
  3. Pray against the recent trend of youth engaging in money making through satanic covenants and fraudulent practices.

Exercise: In a day, what are the activities of your life that brings you true happiness?

Meditation: Mark 8:36