Scripture Reading:  Luke 16:22-28

Some people have concluded that they do not care about what happens to their lives after death; so many others are also living their lives without thinking about their fate after their sojourn on earth.  Today our reflection wants us to reflect on what life could be if not in friendship with the Lord the moment of exit from this world. Today our teaching wants to call our attention to this very concept of pain associated to eternal damnation which has been watered down by negligence, disbelief, ungodly philosophies, fake mystical interpretations, theologizing wrongly and spiritual oversight.  What will be the fate of the unfaithful?  What is your destiny at death?  This question is not meant to arouse unrealistic arguments but calls us to soberly reflect about this issue of torment that is been addressed by missing God, eternally.   The rich man’s first lamentation is reflected on Verse 24 thus, “So he called out, ‘Father Abraham!  Take pity on me, and send Lazarus to dip his finger in some water and cool my tongue, because I am in great pain in this fire.” Second lamentation is reflected on Verse 27 thus, “The rich man said, ‘Then I beg you father Abraham send Lazarus to my father’s house, where I have five brothers.  Let him go and warn them so that they, at least, will not come to this place of pain.”  These lamentations should really give us concern.    Dear child of God we should be scared of the place of final torments for the unfaithful, because such persons shall be separated eternally from our Creator and Father. Forbid the agony; reject the gnashing of teeth, fear the place of undying worms, hell fire, Hades name it.  It is not a place we can manage the experience!!  The experience of Hades is bitter.  Thomas Choo, shares her encounter about the view of eternal damnation thus “Nothing in this world could compare with heaven my true home.  I had seen the pit of hell that raging inferno of violence, corruption and shame.” The rich man entered Hades, because he was nonchalant about the fate of the dead; which is common to many here on earth. They do not care about what life after this earth would look like. They are satisfied with what this world can offer and try to enjoy it to the full at the risk of their happiness in the next world. What you do here on earth impacts on what you will encounter hereafter.  Avoid being a victim of ill-fate in the world to come. Some will lose it because of wickedness, some because they forsook the Lord in the pursuit of earthly wealth, others because of immoral behavior and sexual pervasiveness.  Let us seek God’s mercy while it can still be found.   Remember, Father Abraham’s remark, “if they will not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone were to rise from death. Thomas Kempis said, “Blessed is the man who for Your sake, O Lord, dismisses all creatures, does violence to nature, crucifies the desires of the flesh in fervor of spirit, so that with serene conscience he can offer You a pure prayer and, having excluded all earthly things inwardly and outwardly, becomes worthy to enter into the heavenly choirs.”

Prayer Points:

  1. Lord, let me not neglect anything that will lead me back to You at the end.
  2. Pray for those who have been led astray by erroneous teachings that their innocence will lead them back to the truth.
  3. Pray for all who practise magic, cultism and witchcraft that the Lord would help them to trace their ways back to Him.
  4. Pray for all Christians all over the world that by the mercy of the crucified Messiah they may all join in the Eternal Choir of heaven.
  5. Pray for all who do violence that the good Lord may bring them back to the path of justice and love.
  6. Pray for all those that does not take eternity seriously that God may be merciful to them and assist them to see His outstretched Hands of mercy beckoning on them to change.

Exercise:  Take the prayers of St Padre Pio in Section A.

Memory Verse:  Revelation 14:11-12