Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 23:32
Let us begin today’s reflection with this Christian writer’s opinion about false prophets. “The false prophet, the opposite of a prophet, must be a man who misrepresents God; a man who tells either his own words or the words of the devil or a demon, but certainly not the words of God.” The whole essence of prophesy from God’s mindset towards his children is to salvage situations. The main objective is for the people of God to have consolation, for the future is bright. Hence, the Prophet Isaiah’s prophesies for instance, about the coming of the Messiah, brought forth hope to a hopeless nation of Israel. Recalling all the prophesies by our Lord Jesus, the whole essence is to either warn us to refrain from evil or to provide information to get us prepared so as not to miss heaven; or and to reveal the promises of God towards His people.
Today, the essence of prophesy and prophesying is gradually assuming a negative trend with an objective to control the minds which are susceptible or easily convinced. A man had been very sick, and was taken to a prayer house, and one of the prophetic requests made was for the man to acquire twelve items of prayer and in each of the items was to be enclosed the sum of Ten Thousand Naira. This is the falsehood on which they trade and many evil prophesies are churned out daily to the faithless, but unsuspecting minds. Watch out for any prophesy that leaves you distressed rather than makes you believe and have confidence in God’s power to solve whatever problem that you may be encountering. We must earnestly guard against false prophetic revelations.
One of the dangers of false prophesy is that it makes you rely on false promises. Another dangerous thing is to assume the one prophesying as one’s “savior”. During the time of Prophet Jeremiah like in our own time, the activities of the false prophets were very weird and so he warned the people of his age, as he is warning us today too, “Thus says the Lord of Host: do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you; they are deluding you. They speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord.” (Jeremiah 23:16) Every child of God must strive to be able to distinguish predictions and soothsaying from divine prophesies and revelation. Never patronize such people, for they are not members of known churches. Beloved, do not start acting on any prophesy given to you without evaluating its negative and positive impact.
Hos 11:1.3-4.8c-9; Ps Is 12:2-3.4bcde.5-6(R.3); Eph 3:8-12.14-19; Accl Mt 11:29ab OR 1 Jn 4:10b; Gosp Jn 19:31-37 MOST SACRED HEART OF JESUS (SOLEMNITY)
Prayer Points:
1. God, destroy every gullibility in me.
2. I receive the power today to discern human motives from God’s words.
3. Pray against all activities of fake prophesies in the household of God.

Exercise: Plan to be part of the Annual International Retreat slated for 14th to 17th June at Jubilee Retreat & Conference Centre behind Mother of Redeemer Catholic Church, Airport Junction, Effurun Warri, Delta State.
Meditation: Deuteronomy 13:3.

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