Rev. Fr. (Dr) Anthony Mario Ozele, PhD

In a warfare, you must identify who your enemy is and unfortunately many of us are walking around like soldiers with blindfolds on and we end up striking each other instead of the enemy.

Some others of us are like soldiers in the crab army. If you ever get a bushel of live crabs and look at them as soon as one crab climbs to the top to get out of the bucket another crab will pull him down. We have to stop operating in a crab mentality when we see our brothers and sisters elevated up then we want to pull them back down. We want to pull them down with negative talk and comments. We want to pull them down with our attitudes and action toward them. We want to pull them down with starting rumors.

I thank GOD that he said in his word, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”. The enemies of GOD do not want God to look good and since you are representative of GOD, his enemies want to make you look bad. One thing I do not understand is how people talk negatively about the Priest/Preacher because the Bible tells us to touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. What’s even worse is when priests and nuns start tearing each other down, and tearing each other apart. How happy that must make the devil be. Friends, Satan is the accuser of the brethren so let’s leave the dirty work up to him. Friends, when the Church cries, “Let God arise”, we must also begin to follow God’s leading without delay; without procrastination. To the Israelite, the cry of “Let God Arise” became a cry of change. It was a forward progress.  It was a moving from one camp of learning experiences to another. The God who arises was teaching them His ways.


  • If we let God arise in our homes, the children will get right and honour their mother and father.
  • If we let God arise in our marriages, husbands and wives won’t be tipping out on each other. The divorce rate won’t be sky high. A man will love his wife just as Christ loved the church.
  • If we let God arise in our schools, we wouldn’t have so much foolishness going on with children shooting up the schools. We wouldn’t have teachers having sexual relationships with students.
  • If we let God arise on the streets then we can have an evangelism explosion in our churches. If we would just lift the saviour up, he promised to draw all men unto himself.
  • If we let GOD arise in the sanctuary; if we let God arise in the Church Signs and wonders will be moving. People will get out of wheelchairs and start running up and down the aisle. Sugar Diabetes, High blood pressure will get in line. Cancer will go into remission. Depression will turn into rejoicing.
  • If we let God arise in our personal situation he can turn around and lift you up because he is able to keep you from falling and can present you faultless before his glory with exceeding  joy, to the only wise God our saviour, be glory, majesty, dominion and power both now and forever.
  • If you let GOD arise and accept Christ as your personal saviour when you die then your corruptible body shall be made like unto his own glorious body. Then we with all those who have died in the faith will rise unto eternal glory for his name’s sake.

When ask God to arise and are really serious about, we are in for an exciting but very challenging experience. God is going to lead us into spiritual encounter that will stretch our faith to the maximum and at times downright amaze us. Just as he did for the Israelites, when God arises in our life, he is going to lead us into territory that will be new to us. I want to say three things about this.

  1. Israel of old moved from one natural campsite to another as the God who arises led them by the Cloud. When Israel moved to a new campsite, they took with them everything that they had learned and experienced at the past campsite.
  2. As a New Testament believer, we move from one spiritual encounter to another as the God who arises leads us by his spirit. Those who move with him to new spiritual frontiers will bring everything they have learned of spiritual; value from their past experiences. We need to retain everything that God gives to us and teaches us in those campsites. That’s why he allows us to  experience them
  3. In every new move we are involved in with the God who arises and at every new campsite he brings us to, w are going to find two things to be true. We are going to find things about it that we feel good about and really enjoy and we are going to find new things presented to us that we are going to have to deal with. That is where we begin to grow spiritually. Our grow in God does not come from being comfortably conformed, but from being challenged to change.

If we entertain the thought that God is willing to let us settle down at one specific spiritual campsite in our Christian walk, we can forget about it. He’s not. The individual or church body that wants to experience a fresh move of God has got to be willing to say. Let God arise”. And then let him. Quit trying to hold him down. Stop putting limitations of His arising. God‘s nature is to rise – up. So, let God arise! Those that do will always walk in and enjoy God’s presence…. Provision…. Protection… power and purpose. Let God arise and we cast down every stronghold in the name of Jesus.