Scripture Reading: Proverbs 28:13

Let us begin today’s reflection with this soul-searching Christian song, “You cannot hide it from God, you cannot hide it from God, you may cover your sins that nobody may know, you cannot hide it from God” A Christian writer, worried about the type of Christianity practiced in this age, observed that hypocrisy is the worst and most rampart vice among Christians today. Beloved in Christ, each time at Mass we are enjoined to “call to mind our sins”. It is also a clarion call to access how well we are faring in shedding off sinful living.  The daily reminder of calling to mind our sins challenges us to evaluate our sincere effort to purge sin away from our lives.  This has become necessary following this shocking revelation from St. Francis of Assisi thus, “But let everyone know that whenever or however a person dies in mortal sin without making amends when he could have done so and did not, the devil snatches up his soul out of his body with so much anguish and tribulation that no one can know it unless he has experienced it.” Beloved in Christ, many a times our human nature always wants us to cover our sins and pretend to be holy.  H. Spurgeon, in 1855, delivered a message entitled, “Repentance unto Life”, and with that message, he left us with thoughts, that we should ponder about: “Is it not true, O sinner, that you are trembling at hell? It is not the soul’s state that troubles you, but hell. If hell were extinguished, your repentance would be extinguished; if the terrors awaiting you were withdrawn, you would sin with a higher hand than before, and your soul would be hardened, and would rebel against its sovereign. Be not deceived, my brethren, here; examine yourselves whether you are in the faith; ask yourselves if you have that which is “repentance unto life;” for you may humble yourselves for a time, and yet never repent before God.

Beyond this, many advance, and yet fall short of grace. It is possible that you may confess your sins, and yet may not repent. You may approach God, and tell him you are a wretch indeed; you may enumerate a long list of your transgressions and of the sins that you have committed, without a sense of the heinousness of your guilt, without a spark of real hatred of your deeds. You may confess and acknowledge your transgressions, and yet have no abhorrence of sin; and if you do not in the strength of God resist sin, if you do not turn from it, this fancied repentance shall be but the guiding which displays the paint which decorates; it is not the grace which transforms into gold, which will abide the fire. You may even, I say confess your faults, and yet have not repentance. You may do some work meant for repentance, and yet you may be impenitent.”

Dear child of God, the Lord is very worried about you.  Why is it that so many gather before the Lord but only few can God look down from heaven and say, “Such are the ones that seek my face.”  The many times we have been admonished by the church to call to mind our sins, what has it yielded? “False repentance?”“Incomplete repentance?” or “nil repentance?”

MASS:  GREEN Gen. 28:10-22a; Ps 91:1-2.3-4ab.14-15ab. (R.2b); Accl. 2Tim. 1:10; Matt. 9:18-26

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank the Lord sincerely for He is interested in the salvation of your soul.
  2. Reject every form of life that still makes you appear as a hypocrite before the Lord

Exercise:  Prayerfully reflect on Psalms 15.

Meditation: Psalms 24:3-6