​Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12: 2 
Beloved, God has given us a new year, in new month, a new week and a new day. With joy, join me in this 

prayer: “Loving God, you have spared me to see the beginning of another year. I thank you for bringing me through the storms of last year.

 I thank you for the Hope you offer me as I face these day ahead. I tntst in Your love and mercy to carry me through. Whether I am able to stand among your children this time next year is totally in your hands. I trust that your love and merry will always sustain my life.

Today I give you thanks and praise as I remember the past and face the future. Give me new eyes to see and a new heart to listen and obey. Loving God. today I renew my promise to love you and serve you as I ought. As I begin a new year walking with you, I humbly lay before your altar all that I have and all that I am. I ask you blessings on me in the name of Jesus. Amen. ” 
The Holv Spint laid in our heart a theme for the year 2017. He says tell my people “DO NOT BE AFRAID: I AM WITH YOU. (Is. 4 :5) As such. our theme for the year is 


I don’t know how your 2016 was. in the midst of all the economic and political uncertainties. However, in the midst of all the favorable and unfavorable predictions concerning 2017. Jesus says to you today as we begin this New Year: “DO NOT BE AFRAID: l AM WITH YOU”. Do not be afraid. 

If you deny me when it was hard to stand up for the faith like Peter last year. I will give you opportunities to make up for it this year, to show me and yourself that Indeed, you love me. Do not be afraid of the enemy, though he may appear strong. I have won victory for you over him! I am stronger than him! What are you afraid of? 

Therefore, beloved, surrender all your fears to God, knowing you can‘t fight the battle alone, an that you can only win with Jesus by your Side.

 Dear friend, have faith that He is more powerful than anything and that He will always be there for you. All we need to do as we begin this New Year is to turn away our eyes from all distractions and look to Christ He is the reward as well as the rewarder of our faith. As we look to Him we shall gain power for the tight, Victory and the crown. Our Crown of glory in this year 2017 is guaranteed if only we fix our concentration on Jesus. “Looking unto Jesus implies. “the concentration of the wandering gaze into a single direction“ 
. 30