Scripture Reading: Ephesians 2:19-22
St. John of the Cross starts today thus: “Think not that pleasing God lies so much in performing good works as in performing them with good will, and without attachment and respect to person.”
Our reading today says, “So then, you Gentiles are not foreigners or strangers any longer, you are now fellow citizens with God’s people and members of the family of God…” We are all meant to work together as one to achieve our goal which is heaven.
Our human body has various parts all performing various functions; so we are in Christ. We should not be quick to condemn others, because all of us are called differently and for different purposes. Some are called to sing, others to teach; some to pray while others to counsel. Some to serve and others to help, the list is endless. The same God called all of us, in our own different capacities, to serve Him. We should not as Christians exclude from our gatherings, those we think are sinners; instead, we should embrace them in love into our fold and patiently teach them the ways of God. Our duty as Christians is to love our enemies and pray for them. We should not relegate anyone because Christ died for us all regardless of colour or race. God loves you as you are and appreciates your contributions to the growth of His Kingdom. It is demonic for someone gifted in prayers to consider another gifted in singing as less a Christian or less holy. That is total blindness to the reality of how God assesses His people. Only God has the right to put on scale, the value of each person’s contributions.
R.H. Benson concludes our reflection this way: “It is marvellous how our Lord sets His seal upon all that we do, if we will but attend to His working, and not think too highly upon what we do ourselves.”
MASS: WHITE NUM. 12; 1-13; Ps. 51:3-4.5-6ab.6cd-7.12-13(R.3a); Accl. Jn. 1:49b; Matt. 15:1-2.10-14 ST. DOMINIC, P (MEMORIAL)
Prayer Points:
1. Lord, forgive my high handedness in dealing with my fellow Christians.
2. I ask for strength O Lord to embrace all people in love and contentment.
3. Pray for all our leaders, and also for strength and understanding of the differences in individuals.
4. Lord, help me accept the gifts of others as an addition to Your heavenly home.
5. Pray against the spirit of envy and jealousy.
Exercise: Join the Daily Strength Devotional Prayer Network (DSPN) every Tuesday in a midnight prayer Session
Time: 1:00am – 2:00am
Venue: Your Private Prayer Chamber
DSPN Prayer Points:
1. Pray for all users of DSD unjustly in detention that there will be angelic interventions that will set them free.
2. Pray for our Court of Justice that Justice may flow like a river in our Courts.
3. Father remove any judge who opposes your gospel and refuses to repent-pray.
4. Pray as the Spirit directs you.
Meditation: 1 Corinthians 12:7