Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:23

Giving pays the highest interest rate and has the longest term of any investment available. Jeffrey K. Wilson Yesterday, we celebrated the commemoration of the birth of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Today the Holy Spirit wants us to examine more deeply the Jesus’ humble parentage. The scripture described Mary simply as a VIRGIN, not a princess, prophetess or a Chief Executive Officer of a large industrial estate. However, her lineage cannot be despised, for the blood of kings runs in her veins; nor was her mind a weak and untaught one, for she could sing the sweetness of songs in praise of her Father in heaven. Yet, she was so humble and betrothed to a poor man and had her new born king in a miserable accommodation. Thus poverty has been consecrated and men of low estate are exalted to honour. Beloved in Christ, as a believer, you are expected to be a portrait of Jesus, exhuming poverty in the spirit, humility and immense love for God and neighbour. Jesus is a portrait of these virtues and that is what you are supposed to be.

Friend, let us joyfully remember our dearly Redeemer’s glorious birth. As a renewed soul, the circumstances and privileges of the birth of Jesus should everyday be your pleasure. Daily, contemplate the birth of Jesus and request that it may renew your drooping spirit. Take notice believer, that amidst all that is humiliating, there is much that is honourable in the circumstances of His birth. Is there anyone whose birth was ushered in by a long train of prophecy or longed for by many hearts? Only Jesus in all of creation had a forerunner in the person of John the Baptist. Recall that at His birth, the heavens were agog and the Angels sang to His glory.  Beside, a special star appeared in heaven to announce that God has come to the earth Himself and all must rejoice and be glad. Is there anyone but Jesus that the rich and poor make pilgrimages to and offer such hearty, unsought acts of worship? May the earth rejoice and all men stop their evil ways and celebrate the birth of the Messiah. Just as the shepherds and wise men paid homage to our Lord carrying offerings, remember today, many who have nothing to eat or clothes to wear. In the Spirit of the birth of the new King of the world, assist such ones and God will bless you.

MASS: RED: 1 Sam 1:20-22, 24-28; Ps 84:2-3, 5-6, 9-10, 11 (R. 5a); 1 Jn 3:1-2, 21-24, Accl: Open our hearts, O Lord, that we may give heed to the words of your S0n. Gospel. Lk 2:41-52

Prayer points:

1.            Take the prayer points of yesterday.

2.            Pray for all the less privileged that God’s face will shine on them.

3.            Pray for the grace to be n instrument through which they can be consoled.

4.            Pray for your church community that God would recreate the new born king in their hearts.

5.            Pray for God’s guidance for the remaining part of the year.

6.            Pray for the success of the 2022 21-day programme.

Exercise: Make sure you share something valuable to someone who cannot pay back today.

Meditation: Luke 1:37