Scripture reading:  Proverbs 20:1

Certain great men seeing the danger of adopting the lifestyle of excessive indulgence in alcohol have left us with these life-changing and soul-winning quotes: Here is Shakespeare’s comment, “Alcohol is a poison men taken into the mouth to steal away their brains.” Galdstone observing how destructive drunkenness can be said, “Alcohol is more destructive than war, pestilence and famine.”   Sir Lawson understands   prangs played by the devil to a person who indulges in alcoholism, he said, “Alcohol is the devil’s solution.”  During celebrations and festivities, men tend to make merry and one of the way they consider merry-making to be more outstanding is by the available wine and whisky at the celebration.  Today, God’s warning is for all whose inordinate desire for alcohol can lead them into lack of self-consciousness, erratic behaviours, unbridled comments and unguarded actions.  This is exactly what happened to Noah in Genesis 9:21, “After he drank some of the wine, he became drunk, took off his clothes and lay naked in his tent.

A sister testified of how her brother who used to be drunkard, wasting his resources in the bar every evening with friends through her intercession stopped drinking. As soon as he stopped drinking, God lifted him from being a pauper to great person.

When the Spirit of God directs that this reflection should be discussed, I was contesting with the point that many believers are not drunkard and  that they even know the dangers associated with drinking excessive alcohol, so like St. John in Isle of Patmos, God showed me many destinies that have ceased to progress because of alcoholism, many dangers the Church of Christ is passing through today because children of God are filling themselves with wine instead of being filled with the Holy Spirit.  This is the reason many great leaders are constantly in error, and so many destinies that have been truncated. The most striking issue is the ease with which Satan is winning some battles among the children of God through alcoholism.

Beloved in Christ, what have alcohol and wine drinking led you to do?  Have you changed the course of truth because of a bottle of wine? Can a carton of beer influence you to support injustice?  The spirit associated with drunkenness is very horrible it manifests in the ways of waywardness, excessive noise-making, wasteful spending, irrational comments, and embarrassing dispositions and uncontrollable or pervasive tendencies.  Let us therefore follow the way of the Holy Spirit.   Beloved, if you are filled with wine you will make mess of yourself but if you are filled with the Holy Spirit you will make mess of Satan. Prophet Isaiah has this message for us to soberly reflect upon as we conclude with Isaiah 28:7, “Even the prophets and the priests are drunk that they stagger.  They have drunk so much wine and liquor that they stumble in confusion.  The prophets are too drunk to understand the visions that God sends, and the priests are too drunk to decide the cases that are brought to them.  The tables where they sit are all covered with vomit, and not clean spot left.”

Prayer Points:

  1. Appreciate the goodness of God for opening your eyes to the dangers of drunkenness.
  2. Pray the good Lord to grant you moderation and restraints over your sensual appetite.
  3. Pray for those who are under the spell of drunkenness that God will deliver them. (Pray seriously)
  4. Holy Father, fill me with your Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.
  5. Thank you Eternal Father, for calling me to a higher life of living above the influence of alcohol.

Exercise:  Check yourself very well and honestly, what form of drunkenness is taken place in your life.  Get rid of it and moved to a higher calling of moderation and self-control.

Memory Verse:  Nahum 1:10