Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 6:16

Welcome to today’s reflection through which the Holy Spirit seeks to renew the consciousness of His presence in our lives. A story was told of a rural woman who spent a lot of money to get electricity installed in her home. A few months after the wiring was completed and the power turned on; the Power Company noticed that the home didn’t use very much power. Fearing that there was a problem, they sent a Meter Reader to check on what was wrong. The Meter Reader saw that the power was indeed working properly and he asked the woman, “Do you use your electricity?” The woman replied, “Of course we do. We turn it on every night in order to see to light our lamps and then we turn it off.” How does that sound? A lot of believers do exactly the same thing with regard to the presence of God. Most often we do not enjoy the blessings of His presence with us.

 God wants you to be conscious of the fact that He dwells in you and with you, because you are His temple. Consciousness of God’s presence imparts boldness to a believer. Your consciousness of His presence makes His presence active in your life. When the Lord is actively present with you, He intervenes in your situations.  To be always   conscious of His presence helps one to create a loving intimate relationship with God. When you are aware that He is inside of you, then it is easy to relate to Him both in prayer and meditation. When you can feel or acknowledge His presence then worship will naturally flow from the inside. Conscious of His presence energizes faith and boosts one’s confidence.

Dear friend, intimacy with God, provides serenity, peace, joy, courage and hope to a believer. As a child of God, who seeks to experience the wonders of His presence, you must map out a daily routine of intimacy, choose a location of solitude (quiet place), and ensure that your practice of intimacy is carried out at your most convenient time, so that you will not be distracted and so be able to open up your heart to God your Father. Intimacy with God means interaction with God. When all factors are right, you will not just talk to God, but you will also hear Him speaking to you.

Child of God, come into His presence out of sheer love and respect, with no agenda, but worship. The goal is to live in His presence so you can live in the present. His presence arrests your worries and locks them away so you can live in today. His presence purifies your heart and mind (1 Thessalonians 3:13). His presence comforts and encourages like no other. It is living in His presence that provides strength for your lifelong journey. His presence is where love lingers and holiness hovers. In the presence of Jesus, your perspective is aligned with that of the Almighty.

Prayer Points:

  1. Moses, the great leader of the Israelite nation, told God, “If your presence is not with me, I can’t go on.” Pray that you will realize just how vital God’s presence is in your own life. Ask God to cause you to live in His presence every moment of every day (Exodus 33:15).
  2. Pray that you will live with the consciousness of the presence of God – an abiding awareness of the Lord’s presence in your life. Ask the Lord to enable you to rely upon Him every step of the way so that you will not be moved (Acts 2:2).
  3. True joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Lord, fill me with your Spirit so that I can experience your joy in all its fullness. Pray that His joy overflows into the lives of those around you (Psalm 16:11).

Exercise:  Spend just fifteen minutes today meditating on the Fourth Man in the fire. (Daniel 3:25)

Memory Verse: Hosea 6:2