Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Most times you wonder why people do certain things. Man gradually builds up some hidden principles that drive their passions, emotions and actions.  On one occasion I came across a man who was boldly and proudly postulating that man should not be with only one woman.  These secret principles that often drive us most times are incorrect and borne out of selfishness.  Today, the Lord wants us to get rid of all those hidden philosophies of life because they will bring us no good at the end.  Excellence is borne out of excellent principles of life.  No one becomes great through operating the wrong principles of life.

It was a wrong principle that made Judas  betray his Master.  I tell you Judas did not just conceive and concluded the betrayal bid in one day. He would have been thinking about how to make money by all means.   He would probably have been saying to himself, I want to drive a “Murano” Jeep or Lexus Jeep without probably sweating for it. Judas, already driven by wrong ambition and desire, saw the position of the treasurer as lucrative. It was even when this ambition was being speedily actualized that he thought about making fast money which led him to the betrayal.  There is a story of a young lady who was misguided by a friend who was ruled by a wrong principle of life. This  young fresher in one of the Nigerian universities desired  a big bust  so badly. Her friend advised her that if she could permit a massage by men, that it will make her bust  grow bigger.”  She accepted this myth and in the process got pregnant. Quite unfortunately she lost her life through that pregnancy.  In a newspaper, a story was published  of a pastor who raped a young girl. What was  the reason behind the act? He was told that a young girl’s massage would soothe the pains around his waist.    The Holy Spirit says to you today, “Be mindful of the pieces of advice you accept from people. Many of such has led  to pain, frustration and doom.  As a child of God, only godly principles can drive you to a positive end.

Dear Child of God what is that principle that has  not allowed your life to move forward?   So many children of God have refused to make progress spiritually because they perceive the Christian warfare as very burdensome and demanding.  Some are trapped in pre-marital sex because they are driven by the principle that it is not possible to exist without a male or female friend. Some have become gluttons because they believe that what they eat is all that matters in this world.  So many have been trapped by the principle of “I do not want to be poor at all cost”, and as such, become victims of ill-gotten wealth.  So many are driven by fear and have become materials for satanic manipulations.  As a man thinks so he is. (Prov.23:7) Pray never to be driven by wrong philosophies of life.   Let what inspires and motivates you be what is positive and morally sound. Let us diligently assess our principles and thoughts. Let us uproot from the heart all that do not conform to the principles, philosophies and ideologies taught by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Let’s conclude today’s reflection with the advice from St. Paul to the Philippians, “…My brothers, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely and honorable.” (Phil. 4:8)

Prayer Points:    

  1. What special thoughts have you today to praise God like you have never done before? Make it happen.
  2. Ask for forgiveness and pardon for the number of times you have been driven by wrong principles.
  3. Pray that all your thoughts be subjected to thoughts of Christ.
  4. Pray for parents who influence their children with negative philosophies that the Holy Spirit will renew them.
  5. Pray for youths who are victims of unhealthy myths that God will deliver them.

Exercise:  Begin today to practice the advice of St. Paul to the Philippians 4:8.

Memory Verse: Philippians 4:8.