The new version of DSD Mobile App updated in 2020 had to migrate to a different database and code engine, this is because we built to accommodate both Android and iOS.

As such your previous details used on the DSD Website will not automatically work for the new version (December 2020) of the app.

You are therefore advised to register a fresh account using the previous details. then request a migration of purchase.

find topic on migration of purchase to see steps.

Please also ensure you are using the Latest Version of the DSD Mobile App. We update frequently.

If you need more information, please contact us

  1. through the ‘contact form’ (the contact form is located in the ‘envelop’ icon inside the ‘Contact Us’ page),
  2. email us at
  3. or contact us on Whatsapp +2328180000432 . We reply almost immediately.

Please do not post your complains here as comments, it may take us longer time to notice.