Scripture reading: John 5:1-9

Let us begin with this story by a Sister. A sister claimed to have gone for prayers for the fruit of the womb and she was given “water by the man of God”. She was asked to take the water by midnight. Fortunately, she overslept and woke up after midnight, she rushed to the place she kept the water and behold she saw a tiny creature like snake moving inside the water. She was lucky, she had gone to seek miracle from the “man of God” rather than from Jesus.

Dear Child of God, our Lord Jesus draws our attention today to a very serious act that underscores our faith. We need to look beyond items of worship and personalities and see the Saviour who is the source of grace and blessings. God is speaking to us today, we no longer need to seek salvation in created things, but in Christ Jesus. We should not be deceived by the type of anointing oil or water to be used, what is more important is the presence of our Lord Jesus in our lives. Today in our world, terrible idolatry is taking place.

Today, people scavenge for different waters and oils to be used to solve their problems. When you hear some of this testimonies, you wonder whether it is actually Jesus who is working miracles for us or the oil or water. Some believers pay heavily for these religious items. Hear this, if you think you are healed by drinking a particular water, without having Jesus inside of you, watch out dear child of God, you might have taken a time bomb. When the Church uses candles, the candles are only symbols indicating that Christ is the light that dispels darkness. When the Holy water is used, the water by itself has no effect, except by the word of prayers by the Priest of God, the power of God becomes present in that water. And so the Holy water in the Catholic Church works because Jesus is working through it, do not be overwhelmed by the water but be conscious of the Lord who is at work. We are therefore challenged to look beyond the items. Look beyond the Statue of the Blessed Mother and see a Mother calling her children to true repentance. See a Mother calling us to true life of holiness, purity, chastity and prayerfulness. Keeping looking unto Jesus, the Saviour of our souls. Let us continue tomorrow!

MASS: VIOLET Is 35: 1-10; Ps 85: 9ab and 10. 11-12. 13-14(R.Is.35:4f); Lk 5: 17-26ST. DAMASUS I ,2ND SUNDAY OF THE ADVENT

Prayer Points:

1. Lord, please forgive me for putting my hope in created things and personality.

2. Pray for those who are easily misled about the things of God that they will become knowledgeable about God.

3. Pray for those who use religious items as a way of money making that they may refrain from it.

Exercise: Use holy waters and oils only after a Priest of the church has prayed over them.

Meditation: John 14:6